Violence is America's national drug

  • Article by: JOSEPH MORIARITY
  • Updated: December 17, 2012 - 8:22 PM

We live in a country permeated by violence -- and we badly need to admit this to ourselves.

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FrankLDec. 17, 12 8:36 PM

The same day as these school shootings occurred, there was a sickening incident in Colorado that was overshadowed. A man broke into a house, sprayed 4 people with gasoline and lit them on fire. The problem is what is happening to people that they could even do this?

hawkeye56379Dec. 17, 12 8:37 PM

Where is this coming from? Is there anything suggesting that the Sandy Hook tragedy had anything to do with this?

lordhawhaw1Dec. 17, 12 9:04 PM

No religion and no personal responsibility. Sorry for you non-believers who are good and even great citizens. But too many folks these days are brought up with a zero moral compass. For all its imperfections religion offers a guideline to right and wrong.

jdlellis1Dec. 17, 12 9:29 PM

Violence is not restricted to the U.S.! What every individual in the world shares in common is the desire to be free and a propensity to violence. What makes a society functional includes a government framework to preserve freedom and safeguards against sinister individuals which perpetuate violence. Focused on violence, consider Japan and their terror in Asia Pacific during WWII. Hitler in WWII. Stalin/Russia is reported to have killed more than the 60 million killed in WWII. The Keomer Rouge where millions were killed. The Iran/Iraq war where millions were killed. Who knows how many have been killed in North Korea! No folks, the U.S. is not unique in the world.

shushyn78Dec. 17, 12 9:34 PM

With the breakdown of societal morality comes the breakdown of individual morality. Maybe love the Lord your God with all your heart and your neighbor as yourself actually has meaning?

bluedevil101Dec. 17, 1210:02 PM

How many kids practice killing all day long on video games? Here's where part of the loner mentality starts. Notice they are all boys that have done these killings? Loners, alienated from parents and friends. It just repeats over and over. Schools are the place where every student needs a connection. Administrators better be on the look out for these disenchanted boys, because they can be stopped with attention and care for their emotional needs.

turgidDec. 17, 1211:05 PM

Not to diminish the honorable service that men and women in our military provide, for which they should be rightfully proud, but pointing fingers at video games and movies seems a little weak when in fact the US has been continuously sending our sons and daughters around the globe to kill people for decades now. I am not saying that there are not important reasons for this. But the US government is responsible for more humans being killed by guns than the rest of the world combined. And to pretend the wars we fight don't have anything to do with the levels of violence in this country seems to be ignoring the reality of the situation.

hobie2Dec. 17, 1211:52 PM

But Johnny is not allowed to have any reality checks about power today - he doesn't get clocked by the other kid for bullying, or find out that bullies always run into larger kids who have more physical power where he needs to learn other skills, or that he may be the best snowball thrower but everybody then gangs up on him when he does - adults today don't allow children to work out reality about power, where the kids learn that physical power is checked by the political power of the group and that the skills of the lesser are not available when physical power is used to cow them away... You can't stop violence - it's what creatures do. But you can let the kids experience its limits and learn other devices for it, instead of stopping every snowball fight when a kid starts crying. How many parents let the kids work out that crying? When you do, the leader kid steps up and helps - but not today, because parents say "bad dog" -- and what do the kids all learn? That power fixes all, not care for peers. Mom barks and order is restored - violent power fixes all. Feels good to be the power, right Mom? Dad? Short term win, long term problem. We teach that emotion and strength win -and you expect the kids to learn otherwise? People today would faint if I took two fighting kids out back and put gloves on them and told them to sort it out.. but with gloves they learn stupid. Being power and sitting them out has them learn power counts. Stupid power-mad parents make violent kids.

arielbenderDec. 18, 1212:40 AM

lordhawhaw1Dec. 17, 12 9:04 PM No religion and no personal responsibility. Sorry for you non-believers who are good and even great citizens. But too many folks these days are brought up with a zero moral compass.______________You might want to actually read your bible that you claim to be so fond of. There's more violence in that book than a Martin Scorcese movie.

erikj3Dec. 18, 12 4:12 AM

We spend more on our military than pretty much every other country combined. We have one of the, if not THE, highest incarceration rates in the world. Guns are everywhere, literally and in our media (ie, violence is almost always the answer). Meanwhile, we spend a pittance on mental health. Perhaps this is a problem? Maybe we should do something about it? Or not. We aren't addressing climate change either...


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