Get a flu shot, or get fired

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  • Updated: December 17, 2012 - 1:35 PM

A Chicago-area critical care nurse may lose her job for refusing to get a flu shot. She should put her patients before herself.

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evldedDec. 17, 12 1:56 PM

Your employer should not be able to tell you what you can and can't legally put into your body. What if my boss wants me to inject a tracking chip? Should I be fired if I refuse that too? Where are we going with this? Employers pay us to do their work, not tell us how to live our lives! I fear for what employers will be allowed to do when my kids are my age.

roscoe2511Dec. 17, 12 2:06 PM

evlded - You miss the whole point. This is not some arbitrary suggestion for the worker's benefit. This is part of caring for the at risk patient. Please explain how a tracking chip or not having one affects their job? The vaccination has a direct impact in that it will prevent the spreading of the disease to the weakened patients they serve. If they are not going to accept the responsibilities of their position, they SHOULD BE FIRED.

jastkeDec. 17, 12 2:13 PM

You can be required to wear protective clothing on the job. You can be required to submit to drug use testing. Both of these are to enhance workplace safety. This is no different.

swmnguyDec. 17, 12 2:24 PM

You have the right to work in America, but not necessarily to work at whatever job you want. Your employer has the right to set certain limits. For some jobs, that includes drug tests. For other jobs, there are other physical requirements. Some jobs require licensure. Some jobs require that you use certain safety equipment and techniques. It seems like some jobs require inoculation. You don't have to get the vaccination. But you don't have to work at that job, either.

willie04Dec. 17, 12 2:29 PM

Granted I'm not a health care worker but I've never had a flu shot and am rarely sick. I'd hate to be ordered to get one by my employer.

tvstorytellerDec. 17, 12 2:43 PM

If the CDC has that much confidence in the flu shot, then give it to the people at risk (patients) and don't force the rest of us to get it.

roscoe2511Dec. 17, 12 3:02 PM

tvstoryteller - you also miss the point. "The rest of us" aren't being forced to get it. However health care providers that work in close proximity or in physical contact with the at risk community are being required to get vaccinated or the consequence of termination. It is proper to require minimizing the exposure to at risk people. It is wrong to force "the rest of us" to get it without such a reason. As I said, it is a responsibility of the job. Don't like it? Work in some other field where you don't have the same level of responsibility.

shrubloverDec. 17, 12 3:04 PM

I wonder if everyone was required to get a steroid shot, would everyone's response be different? (in light of the meningitis outbreak)

zekim09Dec. 17, 12 3:22 PM

Wait a second... How does getting a vaccination increase safety of the the patients? It isn't an invisible shield that prevents the virus from entering nurse's body. All that it does is strengthen the immune system to fight the virus. So while the CDC recommendation increases worker safety (in theory, the article doesn't describe how effective vaccinations have been at reducing flu rates among health care workers), it doesn't say anything about increasing patient safety.

betty99Dec. 17, 12 3:40 PM

The CDC needs to prove to all US citizens, and all other countries (none of which require flu shots) why this is mandatory. Prove it with science based fact, not big pharma greed. Other countries give away free flu shot certificates for those 60 and over, if they desire to get one.


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