Obama softens stance on taxes as he and Boehner seek a 'fiscal cliff' compromise

  • Article by: JIM KUHNHENN , Associated Press
  • Updated: December 18, 2012 - 7:51 AM
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ikyabwaiDec. 17, 1211:36 AM

You have ZERO choice Boehner! The party that refuses to negotiate becomes extinct! That means you GOP...

firefight41Dec. 17, 1211:57 AM

Let the tax breaks lapse, and allow the spending cuts begin. Let's do a Thelma and Louise over the cliff.

jepop90Dec. 17, 1212:08 PM

Boehner's position about cutting social security and prolonging the start date for Medicare essentially amounts to a default on the loan that Congress took from the American public. To do the same with outstanding debit payments to foriegn country's would result in a nose dive for the US dollar and world wide economic collapse.

bblheadDec. 17, 1212:18 PM

It sounds like small negotiations and larger kick the can down the road. Rewriting the tax code is a HUGE part of resolving this issue, as well as spending cuts. Keep working and don't stop until the problem is actually solved.

benturnerDec. 17, 1212:19 PM

re: firefight41Dec. 17, 1211:57 AM Let the tax breaks lapse, and allow the spending cuts begin. Let's do a Thelma and Louise over the cliff..... How about we don't jump into a self made recession?

msfb99Dec. 17, 1212:22 PM

"The new inflation adjustment would also raise about $70 billion over a decade in new revenues because tax brackets would rise more slowly for inflation, driving people more quickly into higher tax brackets." So how is putting all the lower and middle income people into a higher tax bracket any different than not raising taxes on the top tax bracket?

knicholsDec. 17, 1212:43 PM

ikyabwai - Gotta love ya. You can't see that both parties are not resolving the issue. Government revenue is $2.2Trillion/yr. Government spending is $3.6Trillion/yr. And because neither party is addressing the real issue of deficit you are OK with just blaming Boehner. Even if you pass all the tax hikes that Obama wants, it does not equal $1.4Trillion/yr. His plan is for $1.4Trillion over 10 years or $140Billion/yr. We as a country are not serious about fixing the tax code which should be scrapped altogether for simplier easier code of flat tax or national sales tax where ALL Americans pay the same percentage. No more loopholes also known as deductions and credits.

theagonybhoDec. 17, 1212:46 PM

For awhile i was for a deal, now that Obama has turned this cliff into a situation like Obamacare with all kinds of hooks and new spending i say off the cliff, at least we get some cuts and tax increases.

evilgrimaceDec. 17, 1212:57 PM

Great... even John Boehner wants to hike my taxes! Sure wish Michele Bachmann were President... there's no way she'll vote for this nonsense. Here's an idea... how about cutting spending????

member11Dec. 17, 12 1:30 PM

Boehner is showing maturity that is clearly lost on some of those within his party. There is a time to draw the line and a time to meet and parley. Unlike some of the younger Tea Partiers who stormed in during the 2010 election, Boehner understands the difference. He may end up being the salvation of the party's existence, as they ran into a brick wall in the last election. Bachmann barely eked out a victory despite being an entrenched encumbent who outspent her opponent many times over, largely with out-of-state campaign donations. The handwriting is on the wall, and Boehner is mature enough to recognize it for what it is, and act upon it.


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