Math test causing division at schools

  • Article by: STEVE BRANDT , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 17, 2012 - 5:57 AM

Teachers and students debate whether it's too hard, but the future of GRAD test depends on the Legislature.

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duchy418Dec. 15, 1210:46 PM

No test predicts the future success of a person. Colleges have their entrance requirements and if you meet those requirements you are accepted. Not everyone is capable of going to college and comparing public school scores with forgien countries is not equitable as we educate all students in America and all are tested. Other countries do not test all their students. Lastly, I'm sick of hearing about the number of forgien students scoring higher. China has more gifted students based on numbers alone than total students in the USA. If the media would do a little work and research all the data, they could help educate the public on the facts.

jjsbrwDec. 15, 1211:26 PM

NOTE: the passing line on the math GRAD test is the rough equivilent of a score of 23-25 on the ACT, or about the 67th-79th percentile nationally. This means students have to be at minimum in the top 1/3 of all students nationally to pass.

lakeway11Dec. 16, 12 1:23 AM

that is not correct...the MCA-III "meets" cut of 1150 corresponds to an ACT score of 22 (the college readiness benchmark). The GRAD math cut score of 50 aligns to a 1144 on the MCA-III, which is more than a standard error away from 1150. The ACT standard error is scaled to be around 2.2. Do the math...

homeryanstaDec. 16, 12 1:27 AM

If you can't pass these easy math courses then you probably shouldn't graduate. Algebra 2 is cake walk. America just doesn't want to try because we are terrified of math.

sarahanneDec. 16, 12 2:15 AM

A lot of this goes back to early education. If we insist on cutting back on head start, nutritional programs, or increasing class size kids will struggle when taking these high school exams.

chfnelsonDec. 16, 12 2:26 AM

When I went to school, we did math with pencils and paper, and had to have better that 75% to pass tests. I can still do math in my head faster than kids that use calculators today. Schools have been dumbing down students for years by continually lowering standards to meet 'social' goals. Must'nt damage Juniors pysche, you know. When is the emphasis going to return to educating children rather that patting them on the head? Give a kid a diploma so he won't feel bad, then send him out in the world where he finds he knows nothing, seems to be the goal of 'professional educators' today. All the remdial training in the world will never make up for failure to teach the basics the first time around.

rshacklefordDec. 16, 12 3:53 AM

Again, pahleeze start hiring STEM teachers at a much higher pay rate (aka reward) than art, music, phyed, etc teachers. It is time for a pay-for-importance/relevance model to become the norm. If the preparation of students for admission to a "real" university or college and for them to "hit the ground running" is the goal, I can guarantee you that very few ask how fast a student ran the 40, was able to reproduce the Mona Lisa, or play the piccolo. The amount of money that a university/college student can save by skipping many classes is enormous! Yeah, calculus in HS sucks and phyed social hour is fun but learning the former saves so much in tuition!

comment229Dec. 16, 12 5:00 AM

Again, politicians that mandate this kind of test assume everyone wants to go to college. Wrong. I will make the state legislature a deal. Let every legislator, their aids, and staff take this test, and include the governor. Score them and print the test results. I am willing to go to St. Paul, sit down in an auditorium and take the test at the same time and have my results published as well. If 50% of the state legislators score 30 out of 40 (by the way, that's a 75% passing score) I will go away.

comment229Dec. 16, 12 5:02 AM

PS.... It will never end either. Let's assume you score 30 on this test. It means there are 10 problems that you got wrong and 10 concepts that you do not know. Acceptable? And let's assume that kid graduates, gets a job in industry and comes in contact with that skill he failed on this test. Want to guess what his boss is going to say?

comment229Dec. 16, 12 5:05 AM

It's time in this country that we take a look at our society and culture relative to education in America. It is time to go to a tracking system where kids declare in junior high, seventh grade if you will, what kind of diploma they want to receive. I personally know five kids that could not pass this test, but make more money than I ever will as welders. So, are there welding questions on this test? What's that you say? Not very many kids want to be welders? Bet there are a lot of kids that don't want to go on to college either, but you insist THEY take this test. Some politicians are so self centered, they think because they went to college, everyone should. It gets old.


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