GOP worry: Growing number of unmarried women, key voting bloc that's gone big for Democrats

  • Article by: NICHOLAS RICCARDI , Associated Press
  • Updated: December 15, 2012 - 8:33 PM
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wisebookDec. 15, 12 8:00 AM

Let's face it, anybody that does a household budget has a hard time supporting the GOP. They are a single ledger party. They have been all about holding down taxes (not necessarily a bad thing) until you realize that they got us into two wars that they never paid for. Anybody who does a household budget knows you cannot only focus on one side of the ledger. Of course, now that they are not in power they rail against spending and they think we forgot that they spent away with no way to pay for it and now say to the Democrats, clean up our mess.

ikyabwaiDec. 15, 12 8:44 AM

If you want government to tell you how to live, how to vote, who you can marry and what you can wear then vote for the GOP!

mylittleidDec. 15, 1210:59 AM

Most single women aren't rich, so why would they ever vote GOP?

huggybear28Dec. 15, 1212:17 PM

The republican party killed itself last election by focusing on social issues (particularly its terrible senate candidates) instead of fiscal conservatism. During the Bush years, they lost big time towards the end of his term by losing their fiscal conservatism and in turn focusing on social issues. The only reason Bush was able to win re-election was because Kerry was a terrible candidate. The reason they won early in the Bush years was they managed to give democrats the image they were weak on defense, which was at the time an important issue compared to others. In reality, republicans in the last 20 years have never won on running on social issues, they have won by running on fiscal conservatism.

probsolverDec. 15, 1212:39 PM

iky "If you want government to tell you how to live, how to vote, who you can marry and what you can wear" --- Beautiful example of deep thinking. Do what you want....icould care less about how you live your life....just keep your hands off my earnings. How much do you pay in taxes? Not much, I bet.

callmeronDec. 15, 1212:41 PM

The vast majority of welfare recipients are women. That's what happens when millions of women have children out of wedlock. I know plenty of Conservative women. All are intelligent, hard-working women who have no need for the Democratic Party's welfare programs. This myth that there are no Republican women is another liberal media lie. No person who relies on welfare or may likely one day rely on welfare is ever going to vote for someone who plans to take it away. Democrats give welfare and try to give more generous benefits every year and that's why they get the welfare vote. If being a self-sufficient person was a requirement for voting, the Democratic Party would lose over half their voting base!

guessagainDec. 15, 12 2:19 PM

probsolver: "How much do you pay in taxes? Not much, I bet." I am amazed how some people: 1) think they pay so much more in taxes than others, without a scintilla of evidence, and 2) are willing to take advantage of all the things that our taxes pay for but want to keep all their money to themselves. Why has the right wing become so selfish that they think they don't owe another cent to America when the GOP is the major cause of our debt problem? I don't get it.

ivehaditDec. 15, 12 2:24 PM

callmoron: "I know plenty of Conservative women. All are intelligent, hard-working women who have no need for the Democratic Party's welfare programs." I doubt that. Of the women I know who vote GOP, none of them has a job or has any clue about government and they all vote the way their husbands or boyfriends tell them to. There isn't a college degree among them. See how bad stereotypes sound?

liora51Dec. 15, 12 6:20 PM

I know many hardworking, intelligent married and single women who vote Democrat, Republican or Independent Party. I know a few women who can't hold a minimum wage job,either have never married or are divorced and have lived their adult lives on SSI who believe the Democrats are spawn of the devil. I know one or two who, if polled would SAY they vote Democrat or Republican that don't actually vote. "The Single Woman" is a chimera and stereotype as much as the "Soccer Mom" -- and some of my friends fit both demographics.

probsolverDec. 15, 12 7:37 PM

Guess "Why has the right wing become so selfish" --- what is more selfish? Trying to prevent others from taking increasing amounts of your income - or- trying to take as much earnings as you can from others to benefit yourself? Imo, that s the key difference between libs and cons


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