Obama says he won't go after recreational marijuana use in Washington state, Colorado

  • Article by: PETE YOST , Associated Press
  • Updated: December 14, 2012 - 1:26 PM
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kydotyDec. 14, 12 8:20 AM

Good for the President to allow the states to govern themselves on this issue. Let Washington and Colorado be the guinea pigs for this experiment and see how it goes.

martin64Dec. 14, 12 8:49 AM

Just think how many dollars and resources we could save if all states legalized marijuana. And don't tell me that it's a gateway drug either. No more so than alcohol.

littlebootsDec. 14, 12 9:00 AM

How we started the efforts in Seattle were to make marijuana possession and sale for small personal amounts the "lowest priority of law enforcement" in 2003. Less than parking and speeding tickets. That pretty much made it legal for all intents and purposes. So we need to start a similar initiative here, now. It's time to get our budget in order Minnesota and stop ruining innocent people's lives and follow suit. We would be fools not to.

muckandgrindDec. 14, 12 9:45 AM

Let's just hope that, in addition to not going after recreational users, he also allows both Colorado and Washington to regulate retail sales and collect revenue through the taxation of sales. That is the ony way we can study the impact legalization will have on organized crime and usage among teenagers.

muskyfishrDec. 14, 1210:00 AM

So states can smoke pot if they want but not set up their own health system...hmmmm

atoonceDec. 14, 1210:20 AM

It's the will of the people.

atoonceDec. 14, 1210:22 AM

Meth is a bad thing and way worse than MJ, but we also need to get rid of federal mandatory sentencing. Actually, we need a whole different model of dealing with drugs. Go away from a criminal, law enforcement model to a personal treatment model. It will save us billions. And saved millions of lives.

dagMNDec. 14, 1211:16 AM

"So states can smoke pot if they want but not set up their own health system...hmmmm"...and your point is?

steavis61067Dec. 14, 1211:39 AM

Personally, I couldn't care less about personal pot use, though the romaticizing by some of a mood-altering drug makes my eyes roll. Read the fact sheet about pot on PBS' website then tell me it's harmless. PBS isn't exactly a bastion of right-wing propoganda.

tranqwhlDec. 14, 1212:28 PM

@steavis61067; harmless... like alcohol then? Alcohol is umpteen times more harmful, yet legal. Do you roll your eyes about the romanticizing of alcohol, which kills people every single day, and ruins countless lives? Let's agree nobody should do either, yet they will; and I don't believe it's the governments job to make criminals out of either.


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