Light rail will ruin a quiet area

  • Article by: STEVEN R. GOLDSMITH
  • Updated: December 13, 2012 - 10:23 PM

The segment of the Southwest Corridor between the lakes must be reconsidered.

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luzhishenDec. 13, 1211:06 PM

Not in My Back Yard. Fewer words, same meaning...this guy doesn't want to live in a city.

hobie2Dec. 13, 1211:18 PM

I remember when the freeway down the Hwy 55 corridor was to be routed over Minnehaha Falls, because the park land was cheaper. The powers that be sold it hard - They had the number of yards of dirt to fill in the falls, and the path for the culvert to carry the creek past, and all. The tree huggers and like citizens went Wha? and put a stop to that - and we had that barrier at the west end of the Mendota bridge left as a monument to bureaucracy's stupidity... To make the light rail cheaper, we need to run it past -or through- the parks. It will cost another $10 million to route it away from parks - and break rail's billion dollar budget. Do you want light rail, or quality of life from natural surroundings?... oh, light rail is quality of life?.. hopeless.

warrenplaisaDec. 14, 1212:05 AM

Nope, sorry, this is a rail corridor that has been in use by rail continually for 130 years. Although the amount of activity has fallen dramatically, future use by other rail authorities has always been envisioned. So you bought a home near the Cedar Isles corridor, bummer. Most homes were built while a bustling rail yard banged box cars 24 hours a day. I grew up near Cedar Lake 40 years ago and tolerated the noise. Are you somehow more privileged than other areas of the metro near light rail, heavy rail, freeways and airport corridors. We all to tolerate some trade offs to live in the city.

whatzitDec. 14, 1212:25 AM

Schadenfreude: : "enjoyment obtained from the troubles of others". Oh how sweet it is. It's going thru a neighborhood filled with people who voted overwhelmingly in support of such a quaint and lovely contraption.

lekat003Dec. 14, 12 1:16 AM

Noise? I wonder if the author has ever actually heard any of metro transit's North Star lines for example, going at full speed. It can scare the heck out of you as it comes up so quietly. Yes, diesel powered locomotives are loud, as are the 100+ tank, box, flat cars and gondolas behind it. I'd know as I work in NE for one of the class 1 rail roads. A light rail train is no longer than 4 cars, power included. These machines are very efficient and will open up the area to another green method of transportation. In order for the Minneapolis area to expand, is form of transportation is a future investment.

twincitizen1Dec. 14, 12 3:32 AM

I think we're all missing the point that it should have been routed through Uptown (known as the 3C alignment) the whole time. Hennepin County cooked the books to make it seem as if this wilderness routing through the lakes would have the same ridership as stations at Hennepin and at Lyndale. Look it up, it's all in the report! They claimed that NO ONE would switch to LRT from the bus and that the 21st St Station mentioned in this story would have equal ridership as the Uptown Transit Station. Ludicrous. We need to go back to the drawing board on this one. Routing it through Kenilworth is silly. It may be cheaper in total costs, but I guarantee it is not cheaper per rider. Uptown must be connected to the regional LRT system. The 3 densest census tracts in the state would be served by the 3C alignment.

northhillDec. 14, 12 6:15 AM

The alternate route of course would be Hennepin Avenue.We have already seen the chaos created when the Central Corridor was constructed on University Avenue.While Hennepin is under construction where will that traffic go? A lot of it will filter its way to bucolic Kenwood.Douglas Avenue and Kenwood Parkway will become clogged with traffic for three years plus.The fastest way between Downtown and the western suburbs during construction will be these two streets not I-394 and Highway 100.Kenwood lived with the Cedar Lake Yards until 1980 with 24/7 switching and long freights.

suburbsguyDec. 14, 12 6:47 AM

How about routing it in the median of 494 and 394 ?

minneg56Dec. 14, 12 6:51 AM

The author of the artilce is likely a brilliant cardiologist ... but could have used some civics courses along with his medical school training. The author displays gross selfishness in sharing 'any down' side of living in North America's best urban area. Indeed, there may be a 'train bell noise' on occasion- but if you've ever been around the train you can barely hear it in operation! It's not like that area of town will be asked to absorb AirBus noise! Buck up Doc! Share the advantages of city life and embrace the nuances!

whodafagawiDec. 14, 12 7:13 AM

The current plan will cause significant negative impacts, both for St. Louis Park and for Kenwood. The whole thing needs to be re-examined.


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