Where will right-to-work surface next?

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  • Updated: December 13, 2012 - 6:14 PM

Expect to see this struggle play out in other capitals across the United States.

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roadtoruinDec. 13, 12 6:31 PM

In other words. Where will the violence and mayhem that has always been the mainstay reaction of the temper tantrum throwing labor unions, rear its ugly head next?....Our current president who so ironically has preached for "civility" these many years is totally silent to the unproked brutality, physical violence and wanton destruction of property that has become the mainstay reaction of these cowardly crybabies. Obama's equally cowardly refusal to call out these miscreants speaks volumes regarding the integrity or rather comlete lack of integrity that has consistent been displayed by our failure in chief

vapausDec. 13, 12 6:40 PM

Walmart has plenty of non-union jobs. Leave these union positions for people who want to be unionized and will support solidarity with their fellow employees. If a workplace is unionized, it is because the employees voted in favor of union representation. If you folks on the right lost a political election, would you want to secede from the nation? Oops, never mind.

jurburDec. 13, 12 7:43 PM

Save the deep philosophical meaning to right to work laws passed by Republican legislators and financed by the same sleazebags who tried to win the White House with their puppet. The average Joe has to wonder when will the rich find something productive to do with their time and money instead of living and breathing each day to steal more from the working man. You only have to look at what US manufacturers are paying now for men with families to know how well right to work laws are working out for workers. Wait until these same manufacturers think that their generous $10/hr for starters whose shop training was paid by the government is too high and they start their incessant whine for more skilled foreign visas be allowed so they can pay even less because they just can't find people who will work for dog biscuits. Michigan Republicans are going to find out that their economy is still in a dive even though they think they outsmarted labor because their working folks ain't got a dime to spend on what Michigan has got for sale.

erikj3Dec. 13, 12 8:56 PM

Right to work? More like right to mooch.

ti1310Dec. 13, 12 9:11 PM

Yep its good for business when Chrysler fires employees for drinking and smoking dope on their lunch hour and then the union makes you take them back. I am sure the consumer has the utmost confidence in the quality and safety of the cars that these 12 folks are making.... And then UAW wonders why their membership has plummeted from 1.5 million members in 1979 to just over 350,000 today...

lordhawhaw1Dec. 13, 12 9:43 PM

I have been a public union employee as a law enforcement officer for over twenty years now. I was forced to join the union when I became a cop; I had no choice. My union dues go toward Democratic candidates who do not share my values. It is supposed to be a free country is it not? So why can't I decide to opt out of the union liberals? And do not bother giving me that fair share baloney. You still get most of my money and I lose my union vote. What are you truth seeking liberals afraid of? Freedom is what you fear.

one4thepeepsDec. 13, 12 9:52 PM

You need look no further to understand the intentions of Republicans than reading the typical, union-hating posts that follow an article like this. Republicans benefit by destroying unions. By decimating worker pay, rights, and benefits, they drag the entire country down into the mire. Meanwhile, the Koch Brothers who own GOP polticians go on raking in the billions. Right to Work states are among the lowest paying most backward in the nation. The bottom five states in education: yes, all deep south, all deeply red, all Right to Work states.

garelockDec. 13, 12 9:53 PM

Democrats have allways been for slavery of the people-KKK,Jim Crow,Against Civil Rights-all Dems

Mippy1Dec. 13, 1210:15 PM

Where next? Why, wherever the Koch brothers manage to buy enough pet GOPers, of course. They didn't have much luck buying the election so they're just going to buy the GOP instead.

rwr1955Dec. 13, 1210:16 PM

union dues are not used for political controbutions


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