'The Hobbit': Epic fail

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  • Updated: December 13, 2012 - 11:35 AM

REVIEW: If you are a true-blue "Lord of the Rings" fan and do not want to know how bad "The Hobbit" is, then don't read this.

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metaltesterDec. 13, 1211:05 AM

wow, ouch. I guess I'll still end up seeing it though.

xenonimusDec. 13, 1211:08 AM

So... in a nutshell, you went to see The Hobbit expecting The Lord of the Rings, and were greatly dissapointed to find that it differs in tone and tempo from it's couterpart. Yet you seem to be aware that The Hobbit was written as an adventure story for children, rather than an epic story of a battle between good and evil? So was the failure that of the film makers or of your expectations? Personally, I will see the film and decide from myself, because your review seems to indicate a complete lack of familiarity with the source material.

rvjesseDec. 13, 1211:17 AM

Colin: I read all your reviews and when you say a movie is good I always enjoy them. When you say they are not good I pass except for this one. I sure hope you are wrong this time! I see lots of critics agree with you.

mattosikaDec. 13, 1211:42 AM

Can't say I'm shocked. Well I could but it would be a blatant lie.

milwaukeemnDec. 13, 1211:49 AM

Haven't seen the movie yet so I can't comment except on this review- "hahahahahahahaha!"

jeffportDec. 13, 1211:51 AM

That what stinks about the whole prequel garbage after watching the follow up movies first. Whats the point, you know what happens, and I suppose it's good this came out after Lord of the Rings did otherwise LOTR might have flopped. I may watch when it comes out on DVD but my $8+ movie ticket is saved for Marvel movies.

TenaciousDDec. 13, 1211:53 AM

Oh man, I had no idea they turned The Hobbit into a trilogy! I expected this movie to circumscribe the entire story, and I thought the omission of Smaug from any trailer was strategic (because he was going to be so cool!). So bummed!

jcw1370Dec. 13, 1211:58 AM

Not a shock really - the book doesn't in my opinion lend itself to a movie very well. It's very episodic and very very slow. Many characters and scenes are somewhat boring in places. I have read it more than once, probably 3 times or more in my teens and early 20s, although I can't really imagine reading it again. I'll probably wait for the dvd.

cavellDec. 13, 1211:59 AM

Most movies are mindless trash. Are they bios like Lincoln? Or entertainment, 2 hr time killing, popcorn eating events? How is a movie any different than watching a numbing tv show on entertainment news? I am sure the movie is visually well done. So watch it and move on to the next time occupying event.

thome2011Dec. 13, 1211:59 AM

I watched the first half hour of the first LOTR movie. When I woke up 10 hours later I decided that I didn't need to see any more, and never have.


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