Home aides seek right to join one of Minn.'s biggest unions

  • Article by: JIM RAGSDALE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 13, 2012 - 8:18 AM

The DFL is in a powerful position to ease the way for a bargaining vote.

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vampress_meDec. 12, 1210:51 PM

Sadly, I see this going thru with no protest. The in-home childcare workers protested because they would have to raise their rates for parents to pay. With this, the "only" entity having to pay more is the government and they sure don't protest paying more to the unions... Our taxes should only go up a little more for this fiasco...

engel308Dec. 12, 1210:59 PM

It is so exciting to see this happening in our state! I truly think this is an undervalued profession. PCAs work hard, why shouldn't they have the same rights as other healthcare workers?

strongcoleDec. 12, 1210:59 PM

This is insane. AS a home health provider I can tell you that the margins for these services are very low. The only way to increase compensation is if the state increases its reimbursement rates. Good luck with that.

bootsy07Dec. 12, 1211:07 PM

Sure, these folks do an important service, but their means to wage and benefit adjustments is already provided for by the public agencies they work for, and ultimately our elected government. We absolutely do NOT need more public employee union members, so that SEIU can shovel money back to the Democrats and shaft the taxpayers.

martytoilDec. 12, 1211:33 PM

It's a funny thing. After Michigan, the gotp's were saying how great it was that people had the freedom to not join a union, and now they are up in arms when people might get the freedom to vote to choose to be in a union. I guess for some, freedom is only a one way street.

gking2mnDec. 13, 1212:20 AM

This is simply put, union or no union we that do PCA services for loved ones takes time out of our regular lives. Visit a home care facility and see what goes on there. We are more scturnized than the are. The union helps becasue of the finincal breakdown the state allowed when it shut down. If any one can show me that they can do the things needed for ones love then show us go then show us. Alot of us scarfarcie skilled level capability in the work place but choose to help. But bills still need to be paid and quality of life given

chemnpDec. 13, 12 2:44 AM

"but there would be no right to strike"

So where is the teeth that the union would have? Even if they had the right to strike, they almost certainly would be too committed to serving their clients to do so. This seems like unionization for the sake of unionization.

More broadly, many young professionals like myself completely agree with the DFL in nearly every area of policy. However, a significant portion of us think the DFL's catering to the union crowd is getting in the way of progress. Right to work isn't the answer, but neither are the back-door deals that the DFL makes with unions.

jbpaperDec. 13, 12 4:17 AM

"Home aides seek right to join one of Minn.'s biggest unions" ---- Is it really the home aides that seek this or is the union that is seeking it?

basia2186Dec. 13, 12 4:25 AM

So....now taxpayers are going to be on the hook for pensions and health insurance for mostly part time help taking care of your OWN family member? Caring for mom can hardly be considered a full time job. PCA's generally visit other clients in an 8 HR. shift. Yes, a stipend should be paid. But full time, with benefits? Methinks this another vote grab by governor Goofy! We have a spending problem and I have not seen onevmore new spending idea Bambi in the headlights doesn't like! Signed; taxpaying union steelworker! !!!!

BABloomDec. 13, 12 5:26 AM

Those who care for our most vulnerable deserve a chance to vote for the protection that a union provides.


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