NHL, union to resume negotiations with mediators Wednesday at undisclosed site

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  • Updated: December 11, 2012 - 5:42 PM
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freewheelerDec. 11, 1212:16 PM

The players would be wise if the site was also undisclosed to the Fehr brothers.

northsportsDec. 11, 12 5:14 PM

Get a clue....there were 2 lockouts long before the Fehrs ever got involved in hockey. Lay the blame where it belongs as GB is a 3 time lockout loser !

minneg56Dec. 12, 12 6:47 AM

Why mediators ... ? Why not nannies and baby sitters instead? This is absolute lunacy. Send the KHL in on a barn storming tour of North American rinks!

lehun14Dec. 12, 12 9:21 AM

Sign a CBA now. Then get rid of Bettman and Fehr immediately. These butchers have had their fun.

lehun14Dec. 12, 12 9:30 AM

northsports...before you get so crazy happy defending Fehr, he brought a boat load of negotiating baggage with him from his baseball days. The NHLPA continues to switch leaders....there has been no relationship between the leaders of both parties involved. Not good.

marcus100254Dec. 12, 1210:27 AM

lehun... with all due respect my fellow hockey brother, the MLBPA and MLB have never done better. (WS TV ratings notwithstanding) Yes, Fehr is a hardnosed negotiator, but I'm fairly certain the players believed they would have to have an individual with that makeup to protect their interests. And that is exactly the way it has turned out. How is it with the league achieving record revenues that GB and the owners are seeking massive cutbacks and givebacks?? THEY are the main reason for any financial malaise, real or madeup. Last time around they got the salary cap they claimed they so desperately needed and in return they gave the players the revenue cut of HRR they sought. Then they went about (some clubs, not all) finding everyway imaginable to circumvent their own rules trying to get a competitive leg up on one another. This CBA has been all about getting some rules in place to save them from each other amongst other things. For them to use Fehr as the public image and punching bag bad guy in all of this for the anti union, anti PA fans is nothing more then politics and window dressing. What about the Commish's part in this baloney??? Whenever I see GB and Billy Daly turning blue in the face because the PA hasn't rolled over to their bologna, well, thats a good day for me. I know Fehr is doing his job. In the end I hope they, and I'm sure you will feel the same way lehun, I just want to see them get the game back onto the ice where it belongs, not in the boardroom...

marcus100254Dec. 12, 1210:58 AM

BTW, at the end of the day all I want is a fair deal that works for both sides and protects the financial viability of the league and breaks the lockout as a negotiating tactic cycle once and for all. What is going on right now is a hands on the hood reach for the sky mugging to the players that isn't fair to the game or the fans who have supported this league faithfully and financially for so long. I demand that both sides quit the posturing and chest puffing and get a deal done...

marcus100254Dec. 12, 1211:06 AM

Get the Puck back on the ice!!!

sgjsdadDec. 12, 1211:12 AM

With the 1994 baseball strike Don Fehr made himself an easy person to dislike. That's his bed and he made it. That said those who simply place everything on him because of that either don't understand or they ignore something very fundamental to this lockout. That being that the last lockout ended when the owners and commissioners got everything they said they wanted and needed and the players took a very cold bath. And it all worked perfectly well until Blackhawks owner Rocky Wirtz signed then 32-year-old Marian Hossa to a 12 year, backloaded contract starting that trend...which BTW blew up the entire salary structure in the NHL and led to this lockout. It seems every time a CBA between the NHL and the NHLPA expires the owners and the commish always have to demand of the players that they save them from themselves....again.

marcus100254Dec. 12, 1211:38 AM

Forgot to mention the 24 percent contract rollback from the 04 05 deal in addition to giving the owners their Cap. Then the owners come in this time looking for another 14 percent? When will the owners be happy? When the players pay them for playing? Thought the Cap was the end all save all for the owners financial end of things. Guess the Cap wasn't the savior???


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