Ignoring angry protesters, Republicans make union fortress of Michigan a right-to-work state

  • Article by: JOHN FLESHER and JEFF KAROUB , Associated Press
  • Updated: December 12, 2012 - 2:10 AM
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markapDec. 11, 12 9:55 AM

The handwriting is on the wall. We live in a world economy that is pulling wages down. Unions that adjust to this will survive. Those that do not adjust will drag themselves and their employers down. It is sad but true. Ross Perot was right about NAFTA. He said it would drive good jobs out of the country and drive down the wages on those jobs that remain. We are in a race to the bottom with no turning back.

freedom111Dec. 11, 12 9:55 AM

I see a sign a protester is holding says "Strong Unions. Strong Michigan." Does anyone really think Michigan is "Strong" from "Unions"?

hawks88Dec. 11, 1210:39 AM

I love the photos of protesters with their mouths taped. As if saying that Right To Work will suppress them. The irony is that Right To Work laws will give them more freedom and a say in thier paycheck. To me, unions restrict a person's 1st Amendment Right. Good for Michigan.

roadtoruinDec. 11, 1212:47 PM

Why is it that those on the Left do not believe in the right to choose? Unless of course the choice in question involves the senseless killing of unborn children.

tranqwhlDec. 11, 1212:49 PM

So the new law gives people a choice... and giving a choice is "taking away freedom"...? how exactly? If you're going to click "down", please say why "getting free choice is bad". I'm serious, not trying to be funny; why is being able to choose "bad", where being forced into something you may not want, no matter how wonderful, is "good"?

jpedersonDec. 11, 12 1:07 PM

Best news of the day; at least one group of politicians somewhere in the nation is willing to make a stand against this slide into socialism. Obama's response to the news tells you all you need to know about his ultimate agenda.

stormb69Dec. 11, 12 1:29 PM

I'm all in favor of this as long as unions don't have to lift a finger to assist non-paying employees when they are fired, disciplined, not paid the same or otherwise shafted by employers.

valkyrie11Dec. 11, 12 1:53 PM

The Union Members should start to wake up and see that the #'s of Union Members are dropping fast and Democrats are not doing ANYTHING for them, oh they will claim they are but look at it and the Unions pour TONS of $ into the Democratic campaigns

concernedduhDec. 11, 12 2:06 PM

It is time to end labor monopolies, especially in the public sector, because they can kill businesses in the private sector and eliminate themselves, but the government has seemingly endless cash, in their eyes.

timtloDec. 11, 12 2:12 PM

If you're going to click "down", please say why "getting free choice is bad". I'll gladly tell you why. RTW gives people the choice to not pay union dues while still using the services and receiving the benefits of the the Union. It's unconscionable to me that RTW laws are legal. The Union is still forced to represent "freeriders" the same as paying members. Can you possibly think of any other organization that would be forced to give away their services? Someone who "chooses" not to join the Union will still receive the same negotiated wage, the Union will still negotiate, facilitate, and administer their health insurance and pension. That is until the Union is starved of resources and no longer can meet operating expenses because of RTW laws. The Union will then go away. And right behind it will be the healthcare and the pension, once the Union isn't there to fight for it. And the wages will start their steady decline, because the Union isn't there to fight for it. It won't stop with union wages and benefits, it will affect everybody. It's the "Race to the Bottom" that the wealthy industrialist and the staunch conservative dream about. Low wages and higher profits. It's time to figure out which side you're on.


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