Hennepin County moves to decentralize social services

  • Article by: ROCHELLE OLSON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 9, 2012 - 9:21 PM

Satellite offices should ease hurdles in applying for help, county says

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ksimmons12Dec. 9, 12 9:36 PM

so these two people have a car, and a cell phone visible in the picture, and now they want more money for help?

hewonwelostDec. 9, 1210:05 PM

Sure, why not? Can I get you a beverage? Something to eat? It's just more free money. Say, how do you like the flat screen and the leather sofas? Do you need a ride anywhere?

onelesscarDec. 9, 1210:08 PM

This is a really beautiful new and modern facility and MN should be proud as a national leader in Social Services. This will further ease applying for help and insure more get the help they need. It reminds me more of a modern library or office building and not a old building were so used to seeing.

hewonwelostDec. 9, 1210:25 PM

Maybe life wouldn't be so hard for Pa if he didn't keep having children he can't afford. Just a thought from one cold republican who funds these people.

basia2186Dec. 9, 1210:33 PM

Immigrants have traditionally had more children than native born citizens. We must stop paying people direct cash when they are having more children than they can afford. Certainly not where I want my hard earned tax dollars to go! Shameful.

rlwr51Dec. 9, 1210:45 PM

I remember taking my friend downtown after his cancer surgery to apply for assistance - what a place to get to. It is good that I was used to the one way streets and roads without exit that land you back on the freeway. The parking was a challenge as well as the walk and the wait. Glad to see this.

workforit1Dec. 9, 1210:57 PM

This is just incredible...is it just me or is the entire world gone mad. Yes.. lets make it easy for them to get our tax dollars. God forbid we make poverty hard so they have an incentive to get out of it. Why do writers think this is an article that would make the average Minnesotan feel good about it. This is the type of article that just makes my blood boil. This is another example of RT Ryback and crew importing faililur. We have a full house here. Shut the door until we get our own issues worked out. Stop bleeding me dry with your taxes and reasons to take my money. You can not allocate it better than I can.

workforit1Dec. 9, 1211:04 PM

I almost missed the last paragraph...she is seeking a grand for a damage deposit on a house??? Realy, we are giving people money for that too? The only jobs that are growing in Minnesota are governement jobs... Nice work Mark Dayton, RT Ryback, and the Minneapolis City C

nelsonerinDec. 9, 1211:10 PM

I live in a building that is 90% section 8. You wont believe what people buy. Currently there is a box in the underground garage for a 55 inch LED tv. I have a 'tube' tv with rabbit ears. Can someone tell me how to sign up for this?

MN4MNDec. 9, 1211:19 PM

Well if they are expanding those giveaways, I mean "services," they should start hiring more welfare fraud investigators. It's a joke only having a handful of people try to investigate thousands in Hennepin county. But this state loves giving away money. What a joke


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