Shellshocked Dems, labor unions promise retribution if Mich. right-to-work legislation passes

  • Article by: JOHN FLESHER , Associated Press
  • Updated: December 9, 2012 - 6:07 PM
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fwallenDec. 9, 1212:43 PM

Unions in Minnesota will probably never end their hold on the money that goes to the DFL by forcing public employees and especially teachers into unions. The best hope is that the growing number of teachers who don't like their money going to high paid union people with little benefit to them. Younger teachers are at the forefront of this effort and if they can get organized and build some momentum, the worm might turn. Go ahead and disagree, but it is a fact.

dflleftDec. 9, 12 1:53 PM

THE UNIONS FUND THE DFL here in minnesota and that is why our DFL elected folks take their orders from unions. Raise your hand if you are fed up with people being REQUIRED to pay union dues as a condition of employment.

hewonwelostDec. 9, 12 1:58 PM

Why don't you morons get back to your Crystal Sugar workers or try and find placement for the 18,500 Hostess workers who are no longer employed because of your greed.

hoimangggDec. 9, 12 1:59 PM

I doubt it's very hard for teachers in Minnesota to let some of their union dues go to furthering their careers via the political process. Everyone knows Republicans think public education is expendable and that private sector, WalMart-family backed factory schools where teachers work for $9/hour without benefits is what the GOP really wants. But sure, act like the DFL and the teachers' unions are the bad guys here. Whatever helps you sleep better.

comment229Dec. 9, 12 2:15 PM

fwallen: you could not be more wrong. I have a LOT of friends who are teachers and they are 100% pro union in their districts.

ltmidnightDec. 9, 12 2:19 PM

Funny how the corporate media spins a GOP loss, say the presidential election for instance, as a clear victory for the dems and the repubs should just roll over and accept peace terms (fiscal cliff), but when the repubs have a small political victory it's spun as "the people will never give up the good fight and those satanic cons WILL PAY." Funny.

TeddyWelshDec. 9, 12 2:51 PM

The true test of the right to work legislation in Michigan will be the creation of jobs with good pay. Michigan has been bleeding jobs for years. If the right to work laws draw decent jobs to the state, then the GOP is correct. But if the only jobs are low pay with lousy benefits, then the Dems are correct. Only time will tell.

avejoeconDec. 9, 12 2:52 PM

The Michigan governor had a Mandate, Right! Thats what the left say about Obama winning election. And he did not even win the House. But, I kind of remember how the left insisted that Walker would Pay. I forget. How did that turn out???

braxozDec. 9, 12 3:00 PM

dflleftDec. 9, 12 1:53 PM THE UNIONS FUND THE DFL here in minnesota and that is why our DFL elected folks take their orders from unions. Raise your hand if you are fed up with people being REQUIRED to pay union dues as a condition of employment._____________ You are NOT required to join a union. If it is a union shop and you don't want to join, you pay "fair share" - around 80% of union dues. For that, you get most of the benefits - covered by the contract, wage negotiations, representation in grievances, etc.

reidDec. 9, 12 3:01 PM

Without siding one way or the other on this issue, to comment entirely on the idea that in a year or two people will remember enough to vote the current governor out seems a bit of a stretch. Heck, the current populace couldn't remember who got this country into this pickle and turned the whole bunch out so we could make our, the peoples', will known. I continue to be amazed at the complete LACK of memory of the voters when it comes to such stuff. Remember the ad that was run showing video of the president saying if he didn't do such and such that it would be a one term job for him. Even with such reminders of him not achieving his stated goal, he was re-elected. If there is strife for the next year or two, I would think the unions might be able to rally enough support to challenge the current governor. IF there is economic improvement, many of the chants will fall on deaf or un-interested voters. Time will tell. Even dead candidates get re-elected as happened this year and how someone can in good conscience vote for a dead person not knowing the agenda of the replacement is very scary.


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