Collin Peterson faces struggle for relevance

  • Article by: COREY MITCHELL , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 8, 2012 - 10:04 PM

The moderate Democrat has few compatriots in Congress.

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swmnguyDec. 8, 1211:02 PM

30 years ago, maybe even 20, Peterson would have been a Republican. Now the Republicans won't have anyone who doesn't pass the Koch Brothers litmus test, which leaves Peterson on an island.

dakmarknetDec. 9, 12 1:41 AM

Peterson has himself to blame. He hasn't played his cards well at all. For years he has leaned toward the Republican side of politics and that served him well. But not realizing the tide has changed, he now complains his position in the House is marginalized. He has no one else to blame other than himself.

geds83Dec. 9, 12 2:31 AM

Does anybody REALLY believe Collin Peterson is a moderate? Come on...

probsolverDec. 9, 12 3:37 AM

Heres one conservative that, although I may not agree with all his votes, can respect him for his moderation and willingness to compromise. He, and other moderates, from both sides, need to rebuild a coalition that must be listened to by both parties to pass legislation.

cks1950Dec. 9, 12 5:23 AM

This is one amazing article. It's the first time in ages that this paper has run any kind of story suggesting that moderate democrat politicians are few & far betweeen.

cks1950Dec. 9, 12 5:25 AM

Leave it to SWMNGUY to take a rare article about how few moderate Dems are left & turn it into a diatribe about the other side.

greg62Dec. 9, 12 5:53 AM

The problem is that the democrat party has moved to the extreme left and away from moderates like Peterson. In fact, JFK would be considered a conservative by today's standards and rejected by the democrat party, much like former VP candidate Joe Leiberman was.

salryteDec. 9, 12 6:51 AM

Blue dog Democrats are nothing new. Being raised in the 70's they were simply called DFLers, as opposed to Liberals (not an insult), who often worked with GOPers as opposed to pure conservatives, (not an insult), to resolve the issues facing the nation. All are Americans and acknowledge each others as such. A belief that both parties have their strengths and weaknesses but being told that either one are the lesser Americans because one is more conservative or liberal then the extreme is so Anti-American and it is this mindset that must be canceled out before our nations leaders will stop with this endless counter productive game of Tic Tack Toe with the quality of the greatest nation on earth.

Hoffer1973Dec. 9, 12 6:56 AM

Really not good for your re-election campaign when you are admitting you are a political dinosaur. It's too bad. Sounds like a guy who actually wants to get things done that works for everyone.

quadrant5Dec. 9, 12 7:14 AM

Colin Peterson is a Congressman who ignores both the crazy ideas of the left as well as the crazy ideas of the right. He knows and serves his rural district well. As long as government insists on controlling what farmers can do on their farms a farm bill is extremely important to provide certainty as farmers spend the winter buying inputs such as seed, feed and fertilizer. Should farmers plant corn to sell or to feed their livestock? Without a farm bill it is anybody's guess. This country needs a President like Colin Pererson.


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