Day-care owners fear coming changes

  • Article by: BRAD SCHRADE and JEREMY OLSON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 9, 2012 - 3:09 PM

Care providers brace for an indiscriminate crackdown as the state weighs tougher rules.

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thisislameDec. 8, 1210:42 PM

We would never send our kids to an in home daycare. Absolutely no accountability. One person, in most cases, cannot watch multiple children all day. It amazes me that people resort to this because it is cheaper. You can't put a price on your child's safety. Before the minority complains, there is a reason you are the minority.

jokes74Dec. 8, 1211:51 PM

It's nice to finally read an article on this subject that does not attack home daycare providers. This is the first article in this series that seems to give a voice to the providers and discuss the issue from their point of view. Thank you for showing this side of the issue. To thisislame - it is just wonderful that you would NEVER resort to sending your precious children to a home daycare. Just try to remember that many of us cannot afford the insane cost of center care, and yet we are still required to work outside of the home to make ends meet. This doesn't mean we don't do our homework and make sure that we are sending our children to a safe and loving environment run by providers that we trust. I sent my son to a home daycare for two years and was very happy with the quality of care he received. As for center care - check out the DHS database and you will find no shortage of violations. I find your comment to be offensive to the the thousands of us who use home day care.

chuckdancerDec. 8, 1211:54 PM

It seems that money is the key component in this whole thing followed closely by the ever present "you cann't tell us what to do". Given the indisputable difference in the number of deaths between home based and the larger providers, it shouldn't be that hard to figure out that enforcement efforts be aimed squarely at the group where the deaths are. Enforce the current rules and weed out the marginal providers. I think a pro-life stance here is required.

workforit1Dec. 9, 1212:02 AM

Now a number of these small business oweners who more than likely voted for Obamam, will see what it is like when government over regulates the private sector. Maybe this will give them a new perspective on what the limits of our government should be, and maybe we need to dial it back to the basics and stop making the government the end all and be all for everyone.

agbeat29Dec. 9, 1212:12 AM

I guess you have a different view of daycare centers like New Horizon than I do. The multiple teenagers that were working there when we took a tour didn't scream "safety" to me. But good for you, you seem like you're the authority on daycare.

ruphinaDec. 9, 1212:13 AM

What is safety? From the state regs: "j) Infants should be directly observed by sight and sound at all times, including when they are going to sleep, are sleeping, or are in the process of waking up;". Really? They have to be watched and listened to every single second? In that case, every parent in History has violated this rule every night. You can't tell me parents sit up in shifts in the baby's room watching them sleep. If it is safe to be left alone every night at home, how is it NOT safe in a day care? This is exactly why costs are through the roof at licensed facilities, and force people to choose a home-based situation. Another example of why the phrase "Hi- I'm from the government and I'm here to help" is so chilling. Bill G.

dirtydogsDec. 9, 12 5:13 AM

By the way...Get ready for daycare costs to skyrocket....the state will force inhome daycare providers out and big business and BIG DAYCARE BILLS are sure to come.

sailing64Dec. 9, 12 6:17 AM

thisislame - What a narrow perspective you have. I sent two of my children to daycare back in the mid-late 1990's. We were both well paid professionals where we could have easily afforded a "center" but never once did I even consider it. Our daycare provider is still dearly remembered by our family each year for the warm, caring, learning, safe, family environment she provided for my children. I ended up quitting my job when our third child arrived. While centers are fine for some and some seem to think that the sterile "learning" environment is what they want for their kids. I wanted a warm, loving home for my kids and I know that is what I got. Yep, it took lots of interviews to find our daycare treasure but it is providers like this that don't deserve all of this extra regulations.

nessmessDec. 9, 12 6:24 AM

Home and commercial day care can both be dangerous. With our fist daycare experience(private), we found out that the providers husband was addicted to coke. At the second daycare (commercial) one of my children was allowed to climb a step ladder (less than age two), they ended up with a fractured skull (my child has a permanent indentation in their skull). Oh, and the commercial daycare didn't bother to tell us that my child fell, we figured it out later that night when the symptoms of head injury became quite prominent... The best day care we had, was at a Christian church... No problems what so ever, they cared about the kids, no drugs and no uncaring teen's taking care of my kids and yes, they knew how to do CPR (and we got a call at the first sign of illness or a scratch)... Other people should consider this option.

patasticDec. 9, 12 6:30 AM

"...after a Park Rapids child-care provider ignored safe-sleep guidelines and placed the infant facedown for a nap in 2008."---So what makes people believe that daycare providers who ignore current guidelines and regulations will suddenly follow new regulations?


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