A grand reopening for St. Paul's Union Depot

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  • Updated: December 8, 2012 - 5:39 PM

On Saturday morning, Metro Transit buses began service at the depot. They will be joined next year by Amtrak, which will move its Twin Cities service to Union Depot from the Midway area.

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sharkysharkDec. 8, 12 4:24 PM

The World's most expensive bus stop. Who approved this?

exrepublicanDec. 8, 12 5:20 PM

I'm sure that all the teaparty anti-tax nuts would be happy if the money had been spent on a new road to their shack out in Bugtussel, but since it was spent on transit and rail, both of which are environmentally-friendly and do not promote oil use, they will now scream about how we are broke. But this is what we can expect from the people who run up TRILLIONS in military spending and then act like that deficit just magically appeared when Obama walked into the White House.

hewonwelostDec. 8, 12 6:42 PM

Neat, but cost effective? Nope. 16.3 trillion dollars in debt........

freedubayDec. 8, 12 6:49 PM

exrepublican,95% of the people who showed up there most likely drove. As far as being in the middle of a transit hub, it's not. I thought the DFL was all for not going backwards?

suburbsguyDec. 8, 12 6:55 PM

How many more bridges have to fall before we get out of this silly obsession with 19th century transportation?

mchristiDec. 8, 12 7:23 PM

Now, if only we could get the high speed rail service between the Twin Cities and Chicago built and running. That would be nothing but a boost to Union Depot project and a wonder and very viable transportation option for the area. Being able to get to Chicago quickly without the hassles of the airport would be fantastic.

yumagirlDec. 8, 12 7:25 PM

Freedubay, how else would you expect them to get there? No train service yet; bus service just began this morning when the place opened. Give the place a chance-sheesh!

mchristiDec. 8, 12 7:30 PM

Freedubay, transit hubs like Union Depot, combining local bus, light rail, and intercity rail, are all about going forward. That we get to use a historic rail depot for this purpose is a definite bonus.

ahblidDec. 8, 12 7:38 PM

hewonwelost, And this station wasn't even a bump in the road towards getting to that debt. Of course if you're really worried about the debt, either stop driving or start paying a lot more for that privilege. Because right now we drivers only manage to cover 51% of the costs of our highways via fuel taxes and other direct fees. Not to mention that the Federal fuel tax was enacted in 1932 by then President Herbert Hoover for the purpose of helping to pay down our national debt. Congress & President Eisenhower redirected that fuel tax to help pay for Ike's dream of the Interstate Highway System. That tax was supposed to revert back to its original purpose of helping to pay down the national debt in 1972, but instead Congress continues to divert it into highways. That alone has probably added some $1 or $2 Trillion to the national debt.

hittodeadDec. 8, 12 7:39 PM

freedubay, your conjectured 95% statistic only mirrors your ignorance about mass transit. Sooner than you know, you and those of your ilk will be drowned out by the proven benefits of a real, functioning, efficient transit system here in the Twin Cities. Of course, you can still choose to drive your Suburban or Dakota to the Chili's in Blaine.


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