Minnetonka care facility has neighbors saying 'enough'

  • Article by: KELLY SMITH , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 8, 2012 - 12:13 AM

A small-scale home for Alzheimer's patients wants to expand, but the request has triggered criticism from some.

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grinnell4Dec. 7, 1210:32 PM

You want to know why Medicare is going to bankrupt us? $6500-$9000 per month is why.

dahutysDec. 7, 1210:33 PM

Whenever I see a story like this, I always wonder...if the complainer's parents or spouse were diagnosed with Alzheimers, would they react the same way? Would they say, "Yeah, you're right, my mom looks really creepy and gross when she's being walked outside by someone in scrubs...I need to send her to some warehousing nursing home in the exurbs where she'll sit and stare at a wall all day and not bug anyone"? Or would they suddenly decide that Alzheimer's patients have just as much right to live in a suburban neighborhood as anyone else?

farmeretteDec. 7, 1210:36 PM

Oh, dear, having to explain why aides in scrubs walk by. . .

beenthere2Dec. 7, 1211:04 PM

@grinnell4Dec. 7, 1210:32 PM You want to know why Medicare is going to bankrupt us? $6500-$9000 per month is why. What makes you think Medicare is paying their bill?

rushjaDec. 7, 1211:08 PM

Definitely a neighborhood I wouldn't want to live in. Of course it is not because of the "group home" but because of the self centered neighbors.

livehopkinsDec. 7, 1211:10 PM

I can't speak for all my neigbhors, only for myself. I live in downtown Hopkins. Personally, I would be honored to have 11 Alzheimer's patients living next door. I can understand the concerns regarding parking and traffic. The sight of patients and aides walking down the street? It would make me smile.

jameswallaceDec. 7, 1211:30 PM

Cosmic justice would be served if the NIMBY neighbors all develop Alzheimers and have to be cared for in some squalid dump.

simplyhotDec. 7, 1211:40 PM

This is Minnesota....I thought the neighbors would be bringing baked goods over, bringing the pets over, introducing their children to the older folks etc. You may want to rethink that Minnesota Nice thing.

omgwtfDec. 7, 1211:57 PM

Come to my neighborhood sweet cheeks and you'll feel pretty good about who is strolling through the neighborhood there. I mean really??? Someone is complaining about this? I am appalled at the lack of compassion and character of people these days.

daveseavyDec. 8, 1212:50 AM

This story shows just how self-centered people really are. Aides wearing scrubs is somehow ruining the neighborhood? This would be a perfect opportunity for the families to show their children how to be compassionate, accepting and understanding of people who have an illness. We're not dealing with criminally insane here, just unfortunate citizens who've been afflicted with a mental/memory disease. Sadly, the other adults in this area will demonstrate one thing to their kids: Keep people who aren't "normal" away from us. And we wonder why there is so much prejudice. I'd be honored to have such a residence next door to me. The patients are loving, caring sentient human beings, and if the snotnosed neighbors would come out of their own self-important world for a moment, they just might find the patients have a wealth of experience at life, and can share some great ideas. But no, we wouldn't want that. That would ruin our facade we must keep up so as to appear superior to all others. To those who have "had enough" consider this: after you, and groups like you run these very necessary support homes out, where will a loved one of yours go when he/she develops Alzheimer's? Or will you take them into your own home and give them the love and attention they dearly need? Judging by how selfish this area is, their loved-ones ought to be frightened. The patient might end up in some locked away facility, never to see their family again. These patients didn't ask for the disease. It was handed to them whether they wanted it or not. Now they have to live with it. When the aide wearing the scrub and is out walking a patient, what a great time to meet both, and discover just how delightful they can be. Or if you are really fed up, why don't you move to some deserted island no that nobody can bother you. Of course, you'd complain about something there too.


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