A bad week for the Tea Party

  • Article by: Chris Cillizza , Washington Post
  • Updated: December 7, 2012 - 3:37 PM
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longmemoryDec. 7, 12 3:22 PM

When the T party first came along they reminded me of those classmates who complained about having to take civics, social studies and history and said "I'm never gonna need to know that stuff!" Their ignorance is obvious.

lordhawhaw1Dec. 7, 12 3:26 PM

"The Tea Party is flailing". Ironically; so is our Republic.

DANNYBOY_100Dec. 7, 12 3:30 PM

Does this mean that the 6th District may actually wise up and not re-elect Michelle Bachmann again?

swschradDec. 7, 12 3:31 PM

maybe we should let 'em secede. we have to have an uninhabited island in American Samoa, don't we? let them play-act Lord Of The Flies. they've already moved past attacking others to attacking themselves.

lordhawhaw1Dec. 7, 12 3:32 PM

longmemory. What does your history book teach you about the history of Socialism versus our how our country fared when it stuck to Tea Party ideals such as a Constitution (remember that), free market capitalism, fiscal restraint and individual and property rights? Perhaps then you might understand the meaning of the word ignorance.

erikj3Dec. 7, 12 3:59 PM

I look forward to the day where we never have to hear about the Tea Party ever again.

kvarnoldDec. 7, 12 4:09 PM

Those here lauding the t-party (t...as in t-rex), seemed to be confusing socialism for what we actually have...but that is your opinion, which I respect even if not based on fact. t-(rex)party also reminds me of religious state (much like they have in Iran), and general obnoxious meanness to those who disagree. don't go away mad ladies and gentlemen, just go away.

erikj3Dec. 7, 12 4:13 PM

Haha, Dick Armey revealed that he left Freedomworks because half of their $24 million budget was donated by two companies (Specialty Group, Inc., and Pike Development LLC) that apparently were set up to hide where the money REALLY came from (probably the Koch brothers). And here I thought the Tea Party was some organic, grassroots setup...

scottyhomerDec. 7, 12 4:29 PM

lordhawhaw1, there are so many different Tea Party ideals that they are pulling themselves apart. We are all for free market capitalism, fiscal restraint and rights. It's how the Tea Party has tried to do this that grates on people. What is with bringing up socialism all the time for Tea Party supporters. Most of you have no idea what socialism is, because the contexts you keep putting it in have nothing to do with socialism. It's just a word you've glommed onto without understanding. As longmemory pointed out, the Tea Party people seem to have skipped history and social studies. And I'm positive they have no concept of economics and repercussions.

The Tea Party has done more to destroy the Republican Party from within than anyone else. Ms. Bachmann is a shining example of that, with her wild claims and inability to get even one bill to a vote in the House. DeMint was another example, voting more on ideology than reality.

rockpile12Dec. 7, 12 4:33 PM

Reading a Washington Post piece about the Tea Party is pretty much like reading an Orkin manual about bugs. Only those opinions formed inside the Washington beltway could pack so much venom towards a common sense movement of fiscal responsibility. How desperate has Big Media become that it needs to smear everyday working folks who feel our government has become fiscally unmanageable? When the mammoth in the room is how much money our government spends, how is it that Big Media, Barack Obama and Mark Dayton attempt to frame the debate towards taxing gajillionaires?


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