AP Interview: Dayton says he isn't ready to have Minn. join states with eased marijuana laws

  • Article by: BRIAN BAKST , Associated Press
  • Updated: December 7, 2012 - 10:19 PM
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la0tsuDec. 7, 1211:13 AM

Come on, Dayton, you do so well in so many other areas. You're better than this: "I don't think we need another drug operating in our society." Guess what? It's already operating in our society - prohibition hasn't worked. All it has done is given organized crime a huge revenue stream, no strings attached. Legalize it, regulate it, and generate revenue from it.

beebee82Dec. 7, 1211:23 AM

With more Minnesota teens and young adults abusing prescription drugs these days than pot (often with tragic results including death), law enforcement and political leaders should be focusing on these legal drugs rather than the nearly harmless and arbitrarily illegal marijuana.

west336Dec. 7, 1211:23 AM

I don't care if we're trailblazers for this movement but I do think that if it's shown to be successful that we shouldn't wait until the last minute to jump on board (like alcohol seems to be in the state).

ginny6Dec. 7, 1211:28 AM

Dayton has been consistent in his position on this, going back to his campaign.

ollie3Dec. 7, 1211:34 AM

drugs aren't ok, but expanded gambling is just peachy.

hitch22Dec. 7, 1211:35 AM

ginny6- So you're saying that Dayton has consistently shown that he is willing to let special interest groups decide how he should govern the state of MN? Yes, I agree with that.

lettem01Dec. 7, 1211:51 AM

Can someone please explain to me why smoking marijuana seems to be socially acceptable to a great number of our enlightened citizens but smoking cigarettes is not?

gearrunrDec. 7, 1212:04 PM

"Can someone please explain to me why smoking marijuana seems to be socially acceptable to a great number of our enlightened citizens but smoking cigarettes is not?" - I cannot.

papa33csDec. 7, 1212:12 PM

@Lettem01 - Cig smokers usually smoke 20+ cigs a day, I used to be one. MJ smokers usually smoke a fraction of that. Also, it is socially acceptable to eat a double or triple burger at a local fast food rest. yet if done frequently could lead to a ton of bad things. We have painkillers that are made from opiates and we have proof that opiates are extremely addictive. Caffeine, alcohol, legal meds are all addictive but they do not get the condemnation that MJ gets. Most people are brainwashed.

andy13tDec. 7, 1212:26 PM

lettem01 - smoking pot would not become any more socially acceptable than cigarettes. right now nobody cares if you smoke cigs, just so long as you keep it outside or away from others that it may bother. do you think legalizing pot would mean it would just invade society like cigarettes in the 60's? Nope. in washington it's not legal to smoke pot in public. anywhere. you'd have to keep it in your home, which is already more restrictive than where you're allowed to light up a smoke now.


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