Cadet sets off debate about religion at West Point, leaves for Minnesota

  • Article by: MARK BRUNSWICK , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 6, 2012 - 11:21 PM

He resigns months shy of graduation, faults leadership for "religious bigotry."

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phoilandDec. 6, 12 9:57 PM

Figures this Cadet is from MN - just stands to reason. Have fun in your life as a junior enlisted soldier working to repay the taxpayers for the bad investment they made in you to develop you as a leader.

manimaniDec. 6, 1210:15 PM

Non-religious persons are the fastest growing affiliation in America. When Millennials start raising families those numbers are going to explode. Good on this kid for following his heart. I'm sure it wasn't an easy choice.

quinnerooDec. 6, 1210:19 PM

Now that's bravery, folks. I would follow him into combat.

jhbensenDec. 6, 1210:40 PM

Seems to be that an enterprising young man has found a way to get a free college education. Normally if you leave officer training you are placed back into the military as a noncommissioned officer and finish off your four year commitment.

SorghastrumDec. 6, 1210:42 PM

God, is a concept. Nothing more. That this young man has exposed the corruption of religion intolerance at West Point is a news item that needs to be read about and discussed by the public. This emphasis at military academies of Christian fundamentalism needs to be stopped from the ground up.

jarlmnDec. 6, 1210:49 PM

This same sort of discrimination and harassment against Atheist, Jewish and Pagan cadets has plagued the Air Force Academy for some years now. The Academies may deny (or be in denial) that such treatment exists, but there are myriad examples as proof. Christians discriminating and harassing non-believers is also rampant on many military installations. Why did separation of church and state go away in our military? The Chaplaincy should be abolished! Why should we confer officer rank, privileges and SALARY on some superstitious Holy Joe? Why do we build and maintain, at taxpayer expense, Chapels, however "ecumenical," on government property military installations? If a military member needs their religious 'fix,' they can get it off-post. And please, don't any of you give us that tired-old "no atheists in foxholes" shibboleth. It's balderdash! I've met PLENTY while serving in two branches!

aviendhaDec. 6, 1210:52 PM

We really need to stop the stranglehold that Christian extremists have on our social fabric. This country was founded on religious freedom, precisely to escape situations like the cadet went through. Institutionalized discrimination based on religion violates everything our nation stands for.

jhb8426Dec. 6, 1211:24 PM

So the guy says, "There are so many other people who have problems. I can deal with it." Apparently he can't because he was diagnosed as clinically depressed and unfit for a commission. Looks like he handles things real well.

basia2186Dec. 6, 1211:24 PM

This country was founded on freedom OF religion, not freedom from religions! I have to say when I was 5 in 1960 and had one minute of a bible verse read to us every day no one was harmed. The golden rule and the ten commandments are presented in one form or another in every religion recognized in the world today. I was lucky to have been forced to go to Sunday school until confirmation in a Presbyterian church. I found that church to be the most accepting of my small towns faiths. Now the Lutherans and the Catholics were a little over the top. My parents went to church only for weddings and funerals. I do not attend church at all,like my folks only weddings and funerals. I think a belief in anything greater than ones self is good for most of us. The "anything goes" values of many. Ylyonger people today saddens and sometimes sickens me. The kid knew what he was getting into. I am guessing he washed out.

jhb8426Dec. 6, 1211:29 PM

"His decision to resign came after he was notified he would not be commissioned in the Army..." Ummm, so yeah, he took a really courageous stance there didn't he.


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