Michigan Republicans brush aside Democrats, union protesters to OK right-to-work legislation

  • Article by: JOHN FLESHER and JEFF KAROUB , Associated Press
  • Updated: December 7, 2012 - 2:06 AM
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lordhawhaw1Dec. 6, 12 6:09 PM

I wondered why the Democrats didn't jusr run away and hide like in Wisconsin. But the article did a great job of answering that question.

steventdcDec. 6, 12 7:27 PM

This is terrible. Right-to-work is a misnomer. It should be called Forced-to-accept-whatever-management-dictates. It is bad for workers, bad for companies, bad for the economy. You see, the less workers earn, the less they have to spend on goods and services. The economy slows as a result.

J_DubyaDec. 6, 12 7:35 PM

Enjoy the end of your pathetic hold on power republicans. The last election has shown where America is heading and it's not in your direction.

stpauloldiesDec. 6, 12 7:52 PM

Good! The republicans in Michigan are simply doing what the majority of people in the state referendum wanted. Obviously, they don't agree with dictatorial unions forcing people to join and pay up when they don't want to. This was a no-brainer. You noticed in Wisconsin that minority loud-mouth union thugs didn't represent the majority there either. Walker got promptly re-elected afterward by an even greater margin than he did the first time. Same thing here ... bunch of loudmouths threatening to kill people. These extremists don't represent the will of the people.

stpauloldiesDec. 6, 12 7:54 PM

More than likely, that liberal judge who ordered the chambers open again will be directly responsible for whatever assaults, etc. these knuckleheads commit. Glad he's so concerned about the safety of the legislators. This idiot is probably HOPING some of them get hurt.

Earlybird39Dec. 6, 12 7:55 PM

No problem if some people in a union workplace don't want to be part of the union - that's their choice. Just make sure they only get a paycheck that reflects the earnings that the company was willing to pay before the union bargained for better wages and benefits. You don't pay union dues, you don't get the benefits they bargained for.

jimmyjames76Dec. 6, 12 7:59 PM

This type of legislation will likely end unions. Many union employees believe the lie that pay and benefits won't change if unions don't exist. Many still believe that companies will pay you a living wage and provide decent benefits for a honest day's work out of the goodness of their heart. Of course, that's never what actually happens. Because of that I imagine most workers will opt out over time, lose all of their collective power to negotiate with management, and unions will disappear. Once that happens, buckle up. Read a little history to see what mining, trucking, dock work, etc were like before unions were formed. Or why unions were formed in the first place. It's not pretty. I know we have worker's rights laws, but laws change. Big business wants to eliminate worker's rights, and they're well on their way.

stpauloldiesDec. 6, 12 8:00 PM

"Enjoy the end of your pathetic hold on power republicans. The last election has shown where America is heading and it's not in your direction." ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Oh, we know where it's heading. The dumbocrats have successfully destroyed our economy and our country and now the takers have finally become 50.1% of the population. Ten years after the last republican has left office, and people are rioting in the streets because democrats have no more money and no more credit, I'm sure they will still be blaming republicans for their problems.

hewonwelostDec. 6, 12 8:04 PM

It's a shame that another state has taken away the rights of sub-par employees. Next thing you know is good employees will take over. Crazy.

dtlundDec. 6, 12 8:08 PM

Without right to work legislation, nobody is forced to pay union dues, they can just work for less pay at the non-union shop down the street. It's just like if you don't want to pay income taxes, you can move out of the US and renounce your citizenship. In contrast, the right to work legislation is like letting people decide whether the want to pay income taxes without having to leave the US. Since almost nobody would volunteer to pay income taxes, such a rule would kill the US, and it will kill the unions.


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