Newborn at hospital is brought to wrong mom for feeding

  • Article by: MAURA LERNER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 6, 2012 - 11:47 PM

Abbott Northwestern error causes breast-feeding mixup involving two newborns.The hospital investigating.

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jimmywestoneDec. 6, 1211:22 AM

Big deal. I can think of worse things like how much we pay for health care in this country to correct meaningless mix-ups like this. At least they discovered it right away.

LisgrantDec. 6, 1211:22 AM

I'd be interested to know what the medical implications are for the newborn who was nursed by the wrong mother. Are there health risks to baby's well-being? Or is this strictly a procedural faux pas?

joemamaswDec. 6, 1211:27 AM

As a father of an eight month old I can honestly say I can understand how this can happen. Yes there are checks in place but humans make mistakes. In addition - those first few days in the hospital are a blur to my wife and I. We were both exhausted from and excited by our new baby all at the same time. If a nurse brought in a child for a feeding at 3AM or 3PM - unless the baby was clearly another race - my wife and I probably would not have noticed given the sleep deprivation. I do hope the mother gets an extra mothers day card next year.

balderdashedDec. 6, 1211:48 AM

It could have been a "big deal." Suppose, for example, the breastfeeding mom had been HIV positive. Breast milk can transmit HIV. In fact, it can transmit a variety of diseases, including tuberculosis. Though such transmission is rare, that may be little comfort to the mom whose child was placed at risk by a hospital error that is more than a "procedural faux pas;" it should never happen.

beebee82Dec. 6, 1211:51 AM

HIV, TB, Hepatitis A and B, Herpes, chicken pox, and lyme disease are just a few of the most serious infections that can be passed from mother to baby during breastfeeding. If it were my child exposed to these risks, I would be furious.

rynoliteDec. 6, 1211:52 AM

There shouldn't be any medical implications to the baby unless by some odd chance the mother had some sort of disease that can be passed on by breast feeding. Highly doubtful it will be a problem. The biggest issue here is the staff not following the strict ID rules surrounding the baby and the baby's parents. Not following ID procedure properly could lead to worse things like the baby being sent home with the wrong people. Although, you look at how many babies Abbott has had come through over the years and have had only this one mistake, which happens with humans, they are pretty impressive. I'm sure they will get to the bottom of this and come up with the proper corrections and discipline.

irishbabeDec. 6, 1211:54 AM

This happened to me more than 30 years ago at the University's hospital. I told the RN three times it was the wrong baby, but she insisted and left the child with me. When the NA came in with a my son, the LITTLE GIRL I was given was returned to the nursery and brought to her mom. Thankfully, she would not nurse so that wasn't an additional concern. No reports in the newspaper, no incident reports at the hospital (I doubt the other mom ever found out), they asked if I was going to report it, I said no. End of story...except it is a fun memory to share from our son's birth.

steppyDec. 6, 1211:56 AM

The baby will need to be checked for HIV every 3 months for the first year of his life, along with Hep B and C.

tandabussDec. 6, 1211:59 AM

balderdashed: You are correct, of course. Still, in this particular situation, it seems to me that if this is the biggest tragedy to befall this infant, he or she will live a charmed life.

DufferHDec. 6, 1212:02 PM

No big deal. Wet nursing was fairly common not too many years ago. I'm sure some lawyer sees big bucks, though.


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