Bob Costas is right about gun violence

  • Article by: EDITORIAL , San Jose Mercury News
  • Updated: December 6, 2012 - 11:17 AM

He's taking shots from the gun-rights crowd, but he hasn't backed down.

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jimiekDec. 6, 1211:22 AM

The NRA is way out of control.

koskie4lifeDec. 6, 1211:23 AM

I am not a gun owner by any means--no handguns, hunting rifles, shotguns--nothing. The author here makes a few big mistakes, the primary one being that after growing rapidly in the 1970s, 80s, and 90s, the homicide rate the United States has seen a sharp decline over the last 15 years. You cannot deny this--it is fact. On a last note, Obama's race has nothing to do with why people are buying handguns--they have a notion that the government is going to infringe on their personal liberties, and they want to protect themselves. I don't necessarily agree with that, but it is what it is.

quinnerooDec. 6, 1211:26 AM

US population---311,591,917.........homicides---16,799 ..........firearms---11,493*********Canada population---34,482,779 .........homicides---610..........firearms---179

LennyofMNDec. 6, 1211:38 AM

I disagree

wa0tdaDec. 6, 1211:38 AM

Guns are too easy to get - the NRA should give more than lip support about keeping them out of the hands of unstable people and criminals, but the net effect of their actual policy position is lax regulation that pretty much means almost anything goes. When Costas states the obvious, he gets mobbed by the true believers who parrot the NRA's absolutism.

AirForceGuyDec. 6, 1211:41 AM

"US population---311,591,917.........homicides---16,799 ..........firearms---11,493*********Canada population---34,482,779 .........homicides---610..........firearms---179" ------ How about putting that data into equal terms...say, "per 100,000 people". That's how you draw meaningful conclusions from data, not tossing out raw numbers. PER CAPITA, the U.S. has a much higher gun death rate than Canada. Canada has fewer homicides by guns because they have less people. The numbers you spit out don't tell you anything.

davehougDec. 6, 1211:41 AM

OK, what is suggested? I hope any changes reduces UNLICENSED guns because those are the ones more likely used in a crime.

superymmieDec. 6, 1211:51 AM

Nevermind the criminals that commit most of the murders and commit the armed robberies aren't buying their guns legally. They would have no problem getting them still if guns were outlawed. They would just cost more.

clintonliesDec. 6, 1211:53 AM

If that guy in Wisconsin didn't have access to knives, those three little girls would be alive today.

RossbergDec. 6, 1211:55 AM

If Costas' remarks were part of a regularly scheduled series of commentaries by him, i.e. next week the Fiscal Cliff, the following week Afghanistan, etc. or if he had a known reputation for stating controversial opinions then his comments would certainly be appropriate. However, inserting personal political viewpoints into what's expected to be sports commentary is not. It's simply an arrogant abuse of the viewers' time and a potential risk to SNF's sponsors. At a minimum NBC should have issued a disclaimer stating that the opinions offered were solely his own.


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