Dayton joins appeal on fiscal cliff

  • Article by: KEVIN DIAZ , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 5, 2012 - 7:00 AM

Bipartisan group of governors implored Obama and other federal officials to keep the states from bearing the costs of budget mess.

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jbhall56Dec. 5, 12 5:50 AM

What irritates me the most about the "fiscal cliff" is that we spent a fortune on Simpson-Bowles and then everyone bailed on it because they didn't like the answer. Our Senators, Representatives and President are acting more like five year olds than responsible adults. Guess what, it's bad news, but it's something that must be done or else. No one likes the answer. But we either take our medicine and get through this or maybe the American public should go to Washington and give our five year old acting politicians the spanking they deserve for not having the spine to fix the problem.

cks1950Dec. 5, 12 7:00 AM

The least cynical thing that can be said about Obama is that he is an ideologue that is comfortable with the nation losing trillions in Gdp by going over the fiscal cliff in order to force the wealthy to cough off billions. Those Minnesota voters who voted for him should be happy which ever way it goes.

Jakein08Dec. 5, 12 7:04 AM

jbhal56: Well said!

rockpile12Dec. 5, 12 7:09 AM

After vetoing two responsibile budget proposals two years ago while allowing his state government to shut down, I'm not sure Mark Dayton is in any position to lecture anyone about fiscal management.

kebu80Dec. 5, 12 7:43 AM

Obama, quoted a day after the election. " We must compromise and work together to solve fiscal problems". Now he says we will not budge. Wow, this guy is good at breaking promises and flip flopping. The Great Obama, you to must compromise. Raising the taxes on the rich will not solve the problem. They, the rich will either skip the country or find ways to avoid your new taxes. If we go over the " fiscal cliff" you can blame Obama and his stooge Harry Reid for the associated problems. Obama's media will of course blame the Republicans. At least the Republicans are willing to take on the debt problem and deal with it. Obama and his liberal army once again just want to " kick the can down the road" You liberals are good at that!

contrarybaryDec. 5, 12 8:05 AM

Governor Dayton do you ever tire of being wrong? It won't cost the state one thin dime. As usual, the taxpayers will bear the load.

roscoe2511Dec. 5, 12 8:34 AM

kebu80 - Are you really complaining that Obama won't compromise? The Republicans have dug their heels in with total refusal to consider allowing the tax breaks on income over 250k to go up. Then in total spin mode blame the Democrats that insist they take a step out of their tiny agenda. Democrats have been willing to negotiate on spending cuts, but the Republicans refuse to compromise. They would rather see taxes increase on all of us than preserve tax breaks for 98% of us. Remember also that the +250k crowd gets tax breaks on all the up to 250k income that the rest of us do too, so they would not be shut out either. Your spin is making my head dizzy.

gonjgovDec. 5, 12 8:42 AM

I'm sure it's very painful for a family to go through foreclosure of their home, be uprooted and start over again trying to build up their life again. That's what we are going to have to go through as a country, and the longer we put it off, the harder it is going to be. Next time we will only spend what we can afford.

mburton14Dec. 5, 12 8:53 AM

Roscoe: it is not a "tax break" if the rates already exist and have existed the last 12 years. It's only a tax hike on people making over $250k, and for what reason? There needs to be honest dialogue about the spending by our gov't and the loose regulations on who gets entitlements and how much hey get. I'm not stating there needs to be total elimination of the social programs because there are people that truly need the help, but there also are able bodied people who aren't willing to work draining the system. We fix the spending and entitlement problem we've established in America and you'll see we don't have a revenue problem. In the short term there might need to be a tax increase to dig us out of this hole but increasing taxes shouldn't give way to more sending.

contrarybaryDec. 5, 12 8:55 AM

Roscoe2511---Are you really complaining that Obama won't compromise?---Yes, I am. And I'd be complaining if a republican president was in office. Obama, Dems, Reps and all the rest are simply buying votes. They pit various voter blocks against one another. They all believe their ideology is superior, fail safe and best for the country. Neither of them are right.

We need to take care of our citizens that "need" to be taken care of. We don't need to raise taxes on anyone until we are pay some portion of our income and until we get spending under control. Spending means everything, including entitlements, government's size and defense. At $3 trillion revenue and 350 million in population, that's $8500 per citizen. That's more than enough to fund our national security and interests.

Lastly, if our new health plan isn;t good enough for Boehner, Obama and Reid then it's not good enough for us. And, they don't need life time pay for their service. Just another example of clueless government leaders taking care of themselves.


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