A new day is coming for St. Paul's Union Depot

  • Article by: KEVIN DUCHSCHERE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 4, 2012 - 9:34 PM

The landmark train station, which dates to 1923, will reopen Saturday as a $243 million mass-transit hub.

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freedubayDec. 4, 12 9:38 PM

This is one expensive bus stop. I always enjoy opening my property tax statement seeing the rail authority tax. At least the bums and drug dealers will have a nice place to stay warm.

vironweDec. 4, 1210:41 PM

Let the bellyaching begin! Lot of exciting things happening downtown St. Paul, I for one am excited.

subotai1Dec. 4, 1210:50 PM

I love it when I hear someone's comment include a reference to "my taxes". Next time you drive down the road, use electricity, cruise the Internet, or enjoy your freedom, you can thank the taxes that we all paid for our greater good. Now take your greed and crawl back in your hole.

exrepublicanDec. 4, 1211:18 PM

As it becomes more obvious every year that Climate Change is real, and that almost all of the "Scientists" and "Researchers" who deny it have extensive financial ties to the oil industry, we will see a return to rail and transit, along with many other changes which scare the daylights out of uneducated and low-information citizens who get most of their information from Foxnews and Rush. But the fact is, this IS the future.

mishugi300Dec. 4, 1211:19 PM

So great to see St. Paul continue its tradition of preserving. I love this about the Twin Cities...Minneapolis feeling very new and edgy, and St. Paul feeling regal and historic. Both are great, and contribute to a vibrant public life.

DufferHDec. 4, 1211:22 PM

If they can do this with Union Depot just imagine what they could have done with the once-magnificent Great Northern Depot in Minneapolis. This project is great architecturally, but I am concerned that they there are too many elements that have to fall in place to make it a financial success.

jtkwiatekDec. 4, 1211:29 PM

Love this place . I cant wait to visit it . Looks amazing in this picture, Finally something beautiful, worth looking and visiting , I am sick and tired of malls , boxes and black parking lots .

dtmonkeyboyDec. 4, 1211:45 PM

Our fouding fathers never intended such lavish places...oh wait, they spent tax payer money of the big white house, reflecting pool and Hundreds of other monuments...

DulcimerDec. 5, 1212:37 AM

St. Paul's Union Depot was a reflection of the times in which it was built: the affluent and stylish 1920's. As an historic site, it should continue to hearken back to those times and the war years (which it survived). I recall many times arriving to visit grandparents as a child with my mother. It was a vibrant and impressive place at the time. St. Paul was the home of several pioneer railroad men and took pride in its heritage. The embodiment of St. Paul's pride should remain and be enjoyed by many who arrive in Lowertown for many reasons.

hookshotDec. 5, 12 2:26 AM

Since we spend $2 billion per day or $83 million per hour on our military, this is a drop in the bucket.


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