It's still too early to tell if Harvin will be available vs. Bears

  • Article by: CHRIS MILLER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 3, 2012 - 9:38 PM
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siouxchampDec. 3, 1210:05 PM

It's too easy for defenses to prepare against Ponder now-so no chance in hell Ponder turns it around. Put two guys on Rudolph and make Ponder throw! Make him beat you by passing. The fact our passing game is is set up extremely passive just means this staff has no trust in Ponder throwing. Easy dump passes to wide open guys 3 yards down and running too soon before seeing open guys will be Ponder's signature and story line. All the way to unemployment line.

jakew13Dec. 4, 12 9:17 AM

I believe this is only the third 200 yard effort of Adrian's career, not the fourth. 224 against Chicago in 2007 296 against San Diego in 2007 210 against the Pack in 2012 Don't think there was another one in between.

J_DubyaDec. 4, 1210:46 AM

This is a must-win game. As are all the others. If Percy can't play, that seriously hurts the team's chances (just like has the past few weeks). The Vikings have to take his injury-prone nature into consideration when they engage in contract talks during the off-season.

twinkie1Dec. 4, 1212:23 PM

Honestly! Does it really matter NOW? Thanks Percy, for NOT stayin healthy and NOT showing up to play. Nice team player............NOT!

partskcojDec. 4, 1212:45 PM

If Ponder is still the QB next year I guarantee Harvin will be playing elsewhere. Spielman screwed up again drafting Ponder and the Vikes are making it worse playing him every week. The rest of the players gotta be angry as he's single handedly killed their slim playoff chances. The Vike organization is totally screwed up.

LuckyBobDec. 4, 1212:46 PM

Did Barreiro ever start a "How Long Will Percy Milk It?" daily tally?

vikeleDec. 4, 1212:56 PM

As much as it sucked to lose those last two at CHI and GB, those were not must win games. The target for this team is really a WC, and probably 9-7. 10-6 would be best, especially with our loses to likely tie teams (SEA, TB, WAS, but not to NYG or NO). So, even before the GB and CHI loses, at 6-4, if we said we have to be 9-7 or 10-6, we probably weren't including a sweep of either GB or CHI, thus those last two games were probably not must-win. If we're a playoff team (even a bad one), we have to win GB and CHI at home, and beat STL - that's 9-7... and a win against a HOU who is resting starters due to locking up home field or having no chance at home field is the upside. THUS, our two last loses, as much as they suck, haven't really changed anything (except expose us as a bad team playoff contender vs. a good team playoff contender).

coolrunningDec. 4, 12 1:00 PM

It is sickening just having to wonder if we had beaten the Puckers, and the Bears we know lost, we would have had the chance to be in first place and Ponder blew it. If Frasier keeps defending this guy “I don’t want to make him think we don’t have confidence in him” confidence my *ss. He didn’t even want to say benching could be an option. he might be solving one problem, but creating another. he is devising the locker room. Because there are guys in the locker room that are just sick to their stomach of what happen. They put in an effort that should afford them a win. They are probably just tired of the same thing, why give it full effort? Doing the same thing over and over and expect different result is moronic

coolrunningDec. 4, 12 1:06 PM

This loss hurts the most because it is the Puckers. They should have lost last week too, to Detriot.

rshacklefordDec. 4, 12 1:36 PM

Harvin would be smart to listen to his agent who realizes that there is less than one month before another forgettable season gets permanently etched into the NFL books. Nonetheless, this perpetual "achievement" will be proudly displayed in the upcoming new metrodome's "ring of whatever." He will be traded like he wanted to be before this season began.


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