Twins take a risk, but like chances

  • Article by: LA VELLE E. NEAL III , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 4, 2012 - 6:53 AM

In trading for a young minor league pitcher, the team sees a talent who could mature into an ace.

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viking53Dec. 3, 1210:50 PM

The Twins taking a risk? Please tell me another fairy tale. I'm not asleep yet. The only time you can consider it a risk is if you can get worse. I don't see how that is possible for the Twins.

lindy_frank123Dec. 3, 1211:30 PM

Terry, You're gonna need to do a lot more than this to keep your season ticket holders base. This is nothing, you guys must really think Twins fans are stupid.

davestraubDec. 4, 12 1:27 AM

Hey Le Velle, this is a little ways off, but do you think the Twins would be willing to take Mark Appel in the draft? They have the 4th pick in the draft. Appel fell to number eight last year, so it's not impossible he'll be there at four in this years draft. There's an arm who would improve the Twins pitching depth, though it may cost them in terms of signing other picks.

rodneyklineDec. 4, 12 3:27 AM

This is a huge long shot that this kid is going to be the ace of the staff. Plus, if he did become an ace, the Twins would trade him. They are not going to pay him once he gets to arbitration. Fans need to stop believing this garbage and demand that Ryan go out and get a proven ace. Grienke is the real deal and not a 1,000 to one chance like this kid. Then they can go ahead and develop the kid. If he becomes an ace then go ahead and trade Grienke but don't lie to us and pretend that this kid will be a sure thing. There are very few aces. If it were your money, would you spend $100 million in payroll and have a rotation of re-treads without a leader or pay $120m in payroll with a true ace on the top? Do everything else the same. Get the usual Terry Ryan retreads still but now you have a leader for the staff and the team. There is no doubt what I would do. You make a lot more money paying the $120m in payroll and spending the rest of the decade contending every year. Spend $100m and we definitely won't be above .500 for at least a few years.

rodneyklineDec. 4, 12 3:30 AM

...and to use David Ortiz as an example of TR being able to identify potential is very funny. They tried to make Ortiz an opposite field hitter and eventually released him for nothing only to see Ortiz become a superstar in Boston.

badhabitDec. 4, 12 7:40 AM

Does it really matter folks? Its the same crap year after year. Until you get new ownership,,,it will be same stuff. These owners are about making tons of money and not winning. All we pick up is bottom of the barrell stuff nobody else wants and hope it works. keep losers like casilla for too long,,hell my kid knew he was crap from the get go. Took the Twins org. like 6 years to figure that out. Find a new team to root for or you will be typing this same crap year after year.

ActTwoDec. 4, 12 7:55 AM

Young players improve with every game while old players get older with every game.

markspringDec. 4, 12 8:13 AM

I am so tired of hearing the Greinke comments. There is no doubt that Greinke is a great pitcher, but he would cost an extremely large amount of money and demand a long contract. Once again we would tie up big amount of money only on two players now instead of one. Where does that leave this team as they work toward improving their infield and holding player for the outfield? I would rather see this team develop talent that will stay with us for a while.

cannedfishDec. 4, 12 8:18 AM

TRyan being able to identify young talent that can become MLB PLayers like Guzman, Mays, Liriano, LENIII you sure are stretching it. Why not identify all the trades Mr. Ryan made where the players turned in to All Stars for the Twins.

mythologerDec. 4, 12 8:27 AM

It would be nice if we were smart enough to draft people like that.


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