Editorial: A promising focus on achievement gap

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  • Updated: December 3, 2012 - 7:55 PM

Generation Next will work to coordinate the region's approach.

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sek2undrstndDec. 3, 12 8:51 PM

My only wish is that they work to use a holistic approach in addition to focusing on what happens in the classroom. Kids spend 6-7 hours in a classroom and 17-18 hours somewhere else. Plus, please look into issues such as sleep. I am amazed at how many times I find young parents shopping with their young school-age kids at 9 or 10 pm. I had my kids in bed by 8 pm at the lastest until they were in middle-school.

arspartzDec. 3, 12 9:22 PM

Trying to ensure equality of outcome is a fools errand. Instead of trying to force everyone to mediocre, lets try to get the cream of the crop to excel.

lordhawhaw1Dec. 3, 1210:18 PM

Achievement Gap? Liberals are too funny. How about this... If you are a parent and lack the ambition to provide a stable environment for your children and yes, continue to procreate when you are already on the public dole the State will place your children in an orphanage until such time as you see fit to be responsible parents. If you father children out of wedlock and run away we will track you down and put you in a labor camp where the profits from your labor will be put towards your children and mother's livelihood. If you let your children sit on the couch every day and watch TV, fail to do their homework and turn them into mini me couch potato reflections of yourselves we will halt your EBT cards, health care, welfare, cell phones etc.. Sound harsh? Who wants to bet that achievement gap wouldn't start to close in a New York minute? But the Libs really care and would never allow it.

editor25Dec. 3, 1210:25 PM

Good luck with that. You don't even mention poverty. Plutocrats are always looking for shortcuts to creating little automatons who will be good corporate slaves, all without spending the money needed to lift children out of poverty.

EleanoreDec. 4, 12 7:27 AM

By focusing on race as you ahve rather than ignoring it and focusing on poverty, and socialization realities in the underacheiving students you've set up a doomed outcome I 100% gar-un-tee you. With the new session, the legislature would be wise to... what am I thinking, they are the ones looking for the new shiney thing for the MDE to chase every 3-5 years so they can claim effort while ensuring the winners and losers stay the same, so they can not be tainted by the decisions that are necessarry to fix this disunirform and unethically criminal situation. All kids are not going to get 100s on tests ever. Learn to live witht hat and figure ot what your real task is, many Minnesotans already know.

EleanoreDec. 4, 12 7:29 AM

"lets try to get the cream of the crop to excel." - How about we do that with everyone, only the outcome is not going to be 100%, it's going to be whatever the kid chooses and is able to acheive.

odinmanDec. 4, 12 7:52 AM

Funny that the word "parent" is not mentioned even once in this piece. Therefore, this measure too will fail miserably.

savagedruidsDec. 4, 12 7:53 AM

Promising? Yeah and I heard there is promising progress toward peace in the middle east. I've been hearing both for a long long long time.

SnippetDec. 4, 12 9:19 AM

I predict two outcomes: 1) This won't work (ok, that was too easy.) 2) You will see an increase in the number of customized educational environments, otherwise known as charter schools, where people who weary of this Charlie Brown/Lucy cycle of deja vu can actually get their kids educated.

tinkymendozaDec. 4, 1210:06 AM

Did any of these liberal think tanks ever speak about the correlation between low Latino Achievement and 1rst generation immigrants? No because they are hung up on lobbying for amnesty and open borders. Stop importing poverty from 3rd world countries.


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