Speaker Boehner says after private meeting with Geithner, he told him, 'You can't be serious'

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  • Updated: December 2, 2012 - 9:07 AM
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roymercerDec. 2, 12 9:49 AM

The GOP needs to step back and let sequestration kick in and the Bush taxcuts sunset. When working- and lower-class rubes actually have to start paying for stuff, their attitudes will quickly change about government largesse.

ikyabwaiDec. 2, 1210:05 AM

I knew we could count on your stupidity Boehner! Burn down all of America for the top 2% and the GOP will finally be finished! Thanks in advance!

ctillhockeyDec. 2, 1210:06 AM

roymercer, you are aware that if sequestration kicks in and Bush taxcuts on the wealthiest expire, then the next step of the Democrats would be to cut taxes on the working- and middle-classes? If the Republicans shot those down, I don't think the working- and lower-class "rubes," as you called them, would be directing their anger at the Democrats. Your plan may backfire. Personally, though, I'm not interested in playing that political game; I would hope the politicians can find a path that is a compromise and best for our country.

jpcooperDec. 2, 1210:10 AM

What a rock solid Democratic Plan!

$1.6 trillion tax increases over 10 years! Allowing the Bush Tax cuts on the top 2% account for $105 Billion per year or 1.05 Trillion over 10 Years. Where is the other $600 Billion in Taxes coming from?

$600 Billion in reduced spending over 10 years or $60 Billion per year. Lets see we are $1.4 Trillion over budget today and growing if we cut $60B per year we will still be $1.34 Trillion over Budget. Thats some serious cuts!

Extension of Unemployment benefits.. Why? Its 99 weeks now extended under Obama from 26 weeks. Unemployment is under 8%

A $50 Billion Stimulus spending package. Really Obama wants to spend $50 Billion when we are trying to cut spending? Heres an idea that might garner support on this. Cut Foreign AID by $50 Billion and shift it to USA Aid!

Obama also wants the "permanent” ability to raise the debt ceiling, independent of Congress. Are you kidding me!

NO I'll take the current tax increases on all and the agreed to spending cuts on 1/1 over this proposal!

vlombardyDec. 2, 1210:19 AM

Boehner is the Captain who is willing to sacrifice his ship, and everyone in it, in order to save it. Funny, if it weren't so sad.

jessy03Dec. 2, 1211:02 AM

The won't agree - just like the past (mainly due to the GOPs denial) and the country will suffer for it. Boehner should be fired.

dave9398Dec. 2, 1211:09 AM

Funny how it is always all about more revenue and never cuts and responsible spending.

ikyabwaiDec. 2, 1211:26 AM

Funny how it is always all about more revenue and never cuts and responsible spending. ========================================== You mean like tax cuts for the "job creators"? Hilarious!

AirForceGuyDec. 2, 1211:50 AM

"Funny how it is always all about more revenue and never cuts and responsible spending." ---- Someone DID NOT read the article. The White House asked the GOP what ADDITIONAL SPENDING CUTS they want IN ADDITION TO tax increases. The GOP is being the same old GOP. They STILL want no higher taxes on anyone. They're insane. INSANE! These radical conservatives who are holding a knife to the GOP caucus' throat will not tolerate any tax rises at all. The President has to do something if they won't. Someone has to. Where are the courts?! What is wrong with conservatives? Falling on their swords to protect millionaires is a BAD strategy.

crystalbayDec. 2, 1211:57 AM

Obama has simply put forth his first "bid" on resolving the impending crisis. Anyone with a 6th grade education knows that you never start the bidding process with your final "offer"; you start from your strongest position and work toward the middle through negotiations. What his first bid has accomplished already is forcing the GOP to specifically spell out what cuts they'd make to domestic spending and pinning them down to what will likely be very unpopular. Brilliant move, Mr. President! Obama's been battered & bloodied by four years of GOP obstructionism and he's not going to take it anymore. It's now the GOP's turn to "lead from behind".


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