Dayton aims to overhaul Minnesota's tax system

  • Article by: BAIRD HELGESON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 1, 2012 - 10:01 PM

Property-tax relief will play a major role. First hurdle comes Wednesday.

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suprpoleDec. 1, 1210:35 PM

Figures that the Legislators would have their pay from the state be tax free. All the policians in this country pass laws etc that favor them. None of them work for us.

buckshot1Dec. 1, 1210:36 PM

So how much of OUR paycheck is left at the end of the day if the federal AND state government want even more of OUR money? Feeling more disincentive to try to climb the financial ladder every day.

jpcooperDec. 1, 1210:40 PM

" Years of deficits and reductions in aid to cities and counties has socked taxpayers in the form of double-digit property tax hikes and reductions in services."

Get rid of LGA do not expand it! Today LGA is a liberal handout targeted to democratic voting cities. Its not the State Governments responsibility to fund local government!

Now if you want to help reduce property tax provide more funding to public schools! But do fairly. (Example:) If you have $2 Billion in Public school funds and there are 1 million students in our state each student gets $2000. If a school District has 40,000 students they get $80M ... If a school District has 4000 students, they get 8 Million. Don't play games! distribute the money evenly

knicholsDec. 1, 1210:51 PM

Now Minnesotan will get what they voted for. Dayton and the DFL are going to raise taxes. There is not enough money in Minnesota to support DFL priorities like Big Labor like Educaiton Minnesota. Add all their other priorities as well. Remember last budget cycle the revenue was 34billion and Dayton wanted to spend 38billion.

sfod93Dec. 1, 1211:05 PM

How about tax dollars remaining in the zip codes where collected? No more no less. Why should affluent neighborhoods continue to fund out state communities?

mvorceDec. 1, 1211:16 PM

"One of the things we think is fair is that if you are lowering any rate, like the corporate income tax, and say OK, what kind of deductions can be eliminated that can level the playing field so that everyone is paying the same lower rate?" Frans said." If this true why won't the Fed or state install a consumption or flat tax where everyone pays the same rate no matter what they have. That way everyone, rich or poor pays the same rate or pays if they buy something. Much fairer tax plan overall. If I choose to spend more I pay more and if I save more I pay less.

wildfoxDec. 1, 1211:34 PM

When Pawlenty was elected in 2002 my property taxes over doubled by the time he left office. I watched my elderly neighbors sadly move out of their homes because they couldn't afford the taxes. Thank you Gov. Dayton.

doylebrunDec. 1, 1211:49 PM

More taxes. More taxes. More taxs. When will we cut spending?

jhb8426Dec. 1, 1211:53 PM

Well, kids, time to decide how much this is all worth to you. How much are you willing to pay? And watch out on that "Tax the rich" business, you just might be in that category.

ztwoodsDec. 2, 1212:24 AM

It really is funny reading the comments from the right leaning posters. The seem to be fine with how things worked under Pawlenty, borrow from the schools and tobacco money, accounting slight of hand, and an increase in so called "fees". Then they complain about a Governor that actually wants to pay for things as we go with no more red ink. He wants to simplify the tax code so all of these special interests start to pay their fair share, he wants to decrease a reliance on property taxes.


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