One Twins deal is down; any more to come?

  • Article by: JOE CHRISTENSEN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 2, 2012 - 9:02 AM

Twins GM Terry Ryan will not rule out anything after back-to-back last-place finishes.

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sane09Dec. 1, 12 8:37 PM

"It isn't like in order to ensure greater success in the future that we have to sacrifice today"...Yes, but it gives the rebuilding process a much better chance for success if the Twins trade valued veterans for multiple prospects, some of whom will help when the time comes to contend....In addition, the payroll saved in 2013 and 2014 can be used to sign foreign or MLB free agents to bolster the roster in 2015 and beyond...It may not be necessary, but it certainly can't hurt the future, by trading veterans for prospects and other resources. ($$$$ in payroll savings)

boneyardDec. 1, 12 8:50 PM

Well, when a team has gone 129-198 in its last 327 games, and has won exactly one playoff series in the last 21 seasons and hasn't even come close to being competitve in the playoffs in a decade, what choice do you have but to replace most of the players? The frustrating thing for a lot of fans will be the fact that "rebuidling" in Twins-speak means the re-build won't be complete for several years. To be fair, although the Twins probably have somewhere between $2o to $30 million to spend in the offseason, but that probably isn't enought to make this particular team a true threat in the postseason. That said, Morneau is probably the most expendable of the three players mentioned, and so what if it means the Twins have to eat #7 million in salary to land a top notch prospect? That's another $7 million to address pitching for this year. It's possible to do this, AND that.

trade51Dec. 1, 12 9:09 PM

St.Peter said we need to restore fan confidence, my advice is have your manager quit giving excuses after every game for his so called top players, they make the big money let them answer the tough questions.Span a fan favorite,hardly,who cares you have to trade something to get something.If they thought the coaching shake up was going to solve the restless fan problem,wrong.Good luck with the rebuilding Terry,let the fans know when it's done then they'll come back,otherwise a lot of empty seats Jim.

lindy_frank123Dec. 1, 12 9:13 PM

I don't care if they aren't calling it a rebuilding project. If it looks like a rebuilding project and acts like a rebuilding project it is a rebuilding project. Why is it so hard to say it? The fans want the truth and honest ownership.

edina2008Dec. 1, 12 9:55 PM

If they can get someone to swallow that $138,000,000 contract in exchange for an arm that can be here by 2014 or 2015, jump all over it! This 'nucleus' has won nothing, time for the next nucleus to take shape.

kennyrogersDec. 1, 1210:22 PM

Why stop now? I'll tell you why. If you get rid of any more well known top players for a bunch of guys named Who?, the fan base will become totally disinterested for the present time and will never come back, I guarantee it. Buy some free agent pitchers and improve the staff and quit effing up my team!

coco99Dec. 1, 1210:52 PM

The Oakland A's had a pretty good season by trading for / developing a bunch of rookie pitchers. Since we seem to be able to developing good young hitting, let's trade for good young pitching. Ryan had good luck signing Willingham and Doumit last year. He can probably have some success signing some more every day players since they are not as expensive as top line pitching. Trade Morneau, Mauer and Willingham for some more top pitching prospects. Then we will have a loaded minor league system in hitting AND pitching! Ryan can use the salary savings and his magic touch to fill out the team. In the next year or two, all this talent will arrive in waves. That will be our best bet to actually compete for the World Series. Hopefully Ryan will draft another bunch of power arms this coming summer. Most realistic fans will understand that no team can compete every year (outside of the Yankees), not even the Red Sox, Dodgers or other "big market" teams. The Yankees may suddenly get "old" and come back to the pack also. Let's try to compete this year, but let's reload with high ceiling talent hitting and pitching. Hopefully we wil have a lot of player movement in the next month.

minneg56Dec. 1, 1210:55 PM

I am Twins fan no matter. But Ryan says he 'won't rule out anything after back to back last place finishes' ... maybe he might consider refunding fans money they paid to see major league baseball ... played by minor league players?

ddellwoDec. 1, 1211:01 PM

As a Twins fan, you are delusional if you see Joe Mauer's contract as anything more than it is -- an anchor that is pulling this organization to the bottom of the ocean. If someone makes you a reasonable offer, do it and don't look back!!!

BallFourDec. 1, 1211:10 PM

You look at Martin's contract - $17 million for two years - and Mauer's contract looks all right. Martin will make $8.5 million next year. Mauer is better. If Mauer were making $8.5 mil, would "the fans" quit griping? Naw.


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