Kevin Williams has 'pretty much seen it all' at Lambeau Field

  • Article by: MARK CRAIG , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 1, 2012 - 10:43 PM

In 10 trips to Lambeau Field (make it 11 after Sunday), the Vikings' Kevin Williams has "pretty much seen it all."

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vlombardyDec. 1, 1210:22 PM

"You never know what type of calls you're going to get when you go to Green Bay," Williams said. "There's always been some type of questionable calls that change the game entirely. You're never surprised by the calls in Green Bay." Yup. It's the reason we've won 13 Championships, and the Vikes have 0. It's always the refs.

yathinksoDec. 2, 12 6:09 AM

Too bad Kevin Williams has been largely ineffective this year.

tjtwinsfanDec. 2, 12 6:21 AM

It really is true.The Packers fans are super obnoxious. I'm sure it is because they feel their team is unappreciated which they are. Their team don't get much respect, which they don't. After even the year they had this year you don't hear hardly anything about them anymore. That is sad but deservingly so. Rodgers isn't the super Qb without all his receivers healthy, they don't have a defense, no running game, no offensive line. Rodgers is just lucky he has some receivers left to throw too. If he had to throw to the Vikings pathetic receivers he would be running for his life. The Vikings and I love the Vikings lack any receivers. Rodgers has been praised as a MVP but in all reality he is only as good as his receiver are!!! A team has to have 2 deep threats now days or your passing game is none existent. Which is the case with the Vikings. Everyone blames it on Ponder. If Rodgers had our receivers and we had his the Vikings Ponder would be a heck of alot better if not great. And Rodgers would be average at best. Qbs get way to much credit and also to much blame.

comment229Dec. 2, 12 6:30 AM

Williams has largely disappeared this year and has become an average defensive lineman at best. You hear a ton about Allen and he does get double teamed, and some about Robison on the other end who Allen said is going to have a "break out season." Guess we need to redefine what a breakout season is. And I bet most of you cannot even name the other guy in the front four. Add the lack of a pass rush to the Tampa II play it safe theory, and Rodgers is going to have a big big day today. Count how many times you see the second drag route receiver catch the ball today across the middle with the linebacker three steps behind him.

tjtwinsfanDec. 2, 12 6:38 AM

Kevin Williams nailed it in this article. It really is true, the reffs determine who will win in alot of games. They can change a game in a heartbeat. Replay is great and the only way you can somewhat control the reffs. But in many cases the reffs have figured out ways around replay. I laughed so hard when Green Bay lost that game by a reff call this year. I laughed because they found out what it was like to have bonehead reffs do it to them. Last year in their quest for a undefeated season, even the Vikings would have beat the Packers last year in the first game they played had the guttless reffs called a obvious interference call on their player when we were driving down the feild and close to the end zone but the reff watching the play did not have the guts to be the one to end the Green Bay undefeated run. Last year I watched a couple other Green Bay games and Green Bay always got the calls until the playoffs when they played N.Y. and got their little butts whipped. But I will say this if a NY team makes the playoffs the NY teams be it baseball or football Hockey they will control the reffs. The Yankees a few years back in the playoffs beat the Twins in a playoff game where a Twin hit a ball down the line. It showed the ball was at least 3 feet fair and the ump in front of the play called it foul. That is the type of reffing the Packers get at Lambeau field. Just watch today, and you will see how many calls will stop our drives and how many extend theirs. Then all you Greenie Bay fans will believe what Kevin said is true.

tjtwinsfanDec. 2, 12 6:53 AM

Re: viombardy 13 championships? You kidding me? The Packers have won 13 Superbowls are you kidding me? I don't think so. What years did they win 13 Super Bowls. You mean you beat the Vikings 13 times? Is that your definition of a Super Bowl? I guess it is super to you that you beat the Vikings 13 times. But that must have only happened when we were playing on your field and the years the Vikings were in a rebuilding year which isn't often. The Packers don't like the Vikings because why? Because they alway have a hard time beating the Vikings even when we are in a rebuilding year. The Packers should have lost last year to the Vikings had guttless reffs stayed out of the game. The Packers should have lost to the lowly 3 -13 team of last year. What a embarrassment that would have been to the Packers. What 13 championships are you talking about? And if you are talking about NFL championships. You seem to forget the Vikings won the NFL championship in 1969. And if you want to include NFC championships, How many NFC championships did the Vikings win? Green Bay did not win 13 Superbowls and you know that. So what you said is false.

twinsfanwy1Dec. 2, 12 9:24 AM

Tice: 3-2 career mark vs Packers; Childress and Frazier: 1-5...There's the argument-the hirings of Childress/Frazier were ill-advised and the Vikings have become uncompetetive in our own division, Frazier hasn't beaten the Bears or the Pack at all. That's the problem. That's why I think the Vikings need to make changes this offseason.

dsdavisDec. 2, 1210:36 AM

If the whining Vikings don't get their collective heads turned around today, not much is going to be going on at Winter Park during the playoffs. This is the most self-serving bunch of adolescents that the state has caved to since it built Target Center. It's always someone else's fault with this team. Has been since Dennis Green. Man up, Vikings, and win the big one, or just be mediocre victims the rest of your lives.

packmad1Dec. 2, 1212:38 PM

Greenbay Packers: League championships (13)† NFL Championships (11) 1929, 1930, 1931, 1936, 1939, 1944, 1961, 1962, 1965, 1966, 1967 AFL-NFL Super Bowl Championships (2) 1966 (I), 1967 (II) Super Bowl Championships (2) 1996 (XXXI), 2010 (XLV)

vlombardyDec. 2, 1212:59 PM

Sad that Packers fans have to teach NFL history to some Vikings fans. Yes, the Vikes won the last Ed Thorpe Trophy for their lone NFL Championship. Then they lost the Super Bowl. And then they lost the Thorpe Trophy--nobody can find it, so the Viking Trophy Case is truly empty. BTW, the Packers have won only 7 Championships since the Vikings joined the league, but 13 in total. See, the history of the NFL goes back to its beginning; not just to 1961. Kind of like Major League Baseball history that starts at the beginning of Major League Baseball. That's usually how history works.


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