State panel calls for gas tax hikes

  • Article by: PAT DOYLE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 30, 2012 - 11:36 PM

A key Republican on the task force backed the proposal, but a Dayton aide said "there is not a real strong appetite" for an increase.

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sfod93Nov. 30, 12 9:50 PM

How about the bus and rail transit systems fund their respective systems 100%? We need to stop funding and subsidizing these underutilized systems.

chiefwiggumNov. 30, 1210:09 PM

Surprisingly, I am in agreement with Michael Beard, somebody who I think has categorically been wrongheaded in his vision on transportation and energy. But the gas tax has not kept up with the ever increasing liability of the thousands of highway lane miles we've added to our infrastructure network, or to the price of gas (the tax ought to be a percentage of the price, not a flat dollar amount anyway). Raising the gas tax is long overdue. This of course, all could have been avoided had we built our road network responsibly, and not added so many unnecessary highways and bridges. But alas, we're still on an endless campaign to sustain the unsustainable as we barrel headlong into wasteful project after wasteful project (read: Stillwater Boondoggle Bridge)

donm251Nov. 30, 1210:16 PM

Increasing the gas tax over 20 years when vehicles are transitioning to electric and other alternatives would be like taxing candles when electricity was coming about in the early 20th century.

drphun11Nov. 30, 1210:20 PM

You can tell sfod93 does not ride mass transit. If they had to pay a 100% to keep the road up through gas taxes they could afford to drive. Mass transit is the only way people who don't drive can get around.

jimmyjames76Nov. 30, 1210:23 PM

Get used to it. Our infrastructure has been long neglected, and every time an income tax cut for a certain group of people gets passed this is what trickles down. Couple that with the increasing cost of making these repairs and upgrades, stagnant wages (well, for 90% of the country anyway), and we're looking at a lot of liabilities and a lot less disposable income in the future. It really makes you wonder why we're paying for a bridge that only benefits WI when we have so many other issues. I guess it's only pork barrel spending when it's not in Bachmann's district.

chiefwiggumNov. 30, 1210:28 PM

donm251 - perhaps yes, but do you propose a currently fair alternative to fund our crumbling infrastructure that addresses the emergence of electric vehicles?

thecynic5712Nov. 30, 1210:35 PM

This increase is sorely needed and overdue. But has anybody asked Grover Norquist if this is okay in his simple little mind?

garagewineNov. 30, 1210:39 PM

"(the tax ought to be a percentage of the price, not a flat dollar amount anyway)..."----Why? Use of highways correlates with the quantity of fuel consumed, not the price.

donm251Nov. 30, 1210:48 PM

chiefwiggum - VMT, aka Vehicle Mileage Tax. With this, everybody pays taxes for road usage.

quinnerooNov. 30, 1211:04 PM

A highly developed country isn't one where the poor have automobiles, it's one in which the rich ride mass transit.


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