Feds allege bias against kids at Edina condo building

  • Article by: MARY JANE SMETANKA , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 30, 2012 - 8:31 PM

HUD says an Edina condominium complex violated the Fair Housing Act in attempting to ban children from living there.

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gofigerNov. 30, 12 9:44 PM

The federal government has charged an Edina condo building that bills itself as a 55-plus residence with housing discrimination for refusing to allow children to live there. - What part don't they understand about over 55. People don't want to live with kids. There are rules, children are not included. Get over it, go and be offended somewhere else.

Lifeguard06Nov. 30, 12 9:46 PM

Take the money the ALJ gives you and buy a home you won't be welcome there.

antisuburbsNov. 30, 1211:40 PM

@gofiger they "bill" themselves at a 55+ community "even though they had not met federal qualifications to be classified as housing for older people". that is why. read the story, Maybe?

BUDDec. 1, 1212:31 AM

Who doesn't understand 55 and over? It pretty much is explained clearly. I can't believe the kids are that comfortable there anyway. They have to be respectful of the neighbors which means being quiet. I doubt they are trouble makers but it has to be on their mind all the time. Old people in the building. I'm 62 and around older people all the time. They do prefer a different life style. That's why they live there.

bredpathDec. 1, 12 2:42 AM

I'm sure the kids are really thrilled about being put in the middle of this situation. Why not just move out instead of putting your entire family through a huge mess?

bikiesterDec. 1, 12 5:47 AM

I hope I never become one of those whiny old people who live in a 55+ condo. My parents did for a decade and it was miserable. A bunch of entitled, whining, grudge-holding, lawsuit-toting folks. Hope this condo association has to pay this guy a lot.

simplyhotDec. 1, 12 6:16 AM

Who doesn't understand reading and comprehension? "Federal officials charge that the homeowners association and property managers of 7000 Sandell Condominiums violated the Fair Housing Act by trying to bar kids even though they had not met federal qualifications to be classified as housing for older people." I bet the kids really enjoyed the quiet time in the building as they studied and did their homework.

deniselewDec. 1, 12 8:22 AM

I'm sure the owner found it difficult to jump through the numerous hoops put forth by the federal government. Our country and people get more litigious every day. If older people want to live only with older people- LET THEM. Why move your kids into a complex that doesn't want them? Why is it all about YOU?

erwine3Dec. 1, 1211:28 AM

Seriously, how many of you people are going to comment without reading the article? The condo didn't meet the federal regulations to be classified as a 55+ building. It doesn't matter if the condo association "billed" themselves as a 55+ building as one of their selling points. The fact is, they didn't meet the requirements put forth by the government to bar younger people from living in their building. Oh, and not to mention the condo association didn't require buyers to prove their age when they purchased units, didn't verify ages of the people staying in the condos, didn't amend their rules until after the incident had already arisen, and didn't post signs about age restrictions in the building until the kids were already "regularly occupying" the condo. Old folks complain all you want, but this one is on the condo association and the people who manage the building for not doing their due diligence.

lakeview1Dec. 1, 12 2:57 PM

this is a great example of people who live in a Common Interest Community are clueless about their Association documents. The delcaration and bylaws are legal documents. They have to follow all the laws of MN and Federal Government about what consitutes a building for seniors. Sounds like that they did not follow the law... The board and the property management company are being sued. Hope the homeowner wins.


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