American Crystal Sugar workers vote today on contract

  • Article by: MIKE HUGHLETT , Star Tribune
  • Updated: December 1, 2012 - 6:41 PM

Union workers will decide Saturday to accept a contract offer that would end one of the longest labor stoppages in recent Minnesota history.

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knapsiNov. 30, 12 9:54 PM

peter rechleff labor expert?seems more like union shill tome

probsolverNov. 30, 12 9:55 PM

They'll accept it and regret their decision to reject the offer 14 months ago

DLBabatzNov. 30, 12 9:57 PM

This may very well be their last opportunity. The remaining eligible workers should seriously consider voting to accept the contract. They simply are not going to get a better offer. It has been a long, tough road for all who have been involved. It is time to end it, one way or another.

pipdipchipNov. 30, 1210:10 PM

I always love when CEO's compensation is brought up. God forbid the person that runs the company actually makes a decent amount of money. Also, the union should accept the offer, it's a fair deal. 13% raise over 5 years... I'd take that. I wish I was in a union so I could tell the company I worked for how much I got paid and how much I pay for my benefits. I really just don't understand most modern unions. One of my former boss' told me a very important lesson early in my career, "if you don't like, leave."

thecynic5712Nov. 30, 1210:10 PM

Why does our state pay unemployment to those who chose not to work because they are on strike? Just doesn't make sense.

ryanexpressNov. 30, 1210:11 PM

The Union thinks it can force Crystal to can't. They think fighting against the farm bill will scare hasn't. They think that the community is on their isn't. They think politicians have their backs......they don't. They think that BS Propaganda doesn't. They think the AFL-CIO will save their won't. Where are the picket lines now? Seems everyone of those battle hardened picketers has lost hope. Your replacements are doing just fine in THEIR new jobs. Crystal is doing just fine without your indispensable expertise. The farmers are doing just fine as well with record crop sizes and beet sugar content. Moorhead is planning several upgrades to both capacity and efficiency this summer because their equipment is not capable of keeping up with the new workers throughput. Seems to me that these union workers have been rather poorly represented by their leadership. Had their been no strike after beet piling some years back, maybe their would have been no lock-out this time around. Short-term union gains won last time around led the company to their current tactics this time. Blame the Union for not negotiating in good faith last time for the current lock-out. Whether the Union says yes or no this vote.....families are in ruin, half their membership has moved on or retired, and several local economies are stagnant. If the vote is no....nothing changes. If the vote is yes....Can anyone claim victory?

DufferHNov. 30, 1210:14 PM

In this large metro area, there are other labor "experts" than Peter Rachleff and John Budd. But these two are always called on for comment by reporters. And their comment is always predictable. Also, the photo is somewhat evocative with the approaching storm. But it and the caption are over a year old. Some updating should be in order. I know, you'll delete my comment 'cause I dared criticize your reporting and editing.

dflleftNov. 30, 1210:18 PM

GO BACK TO WORK union hacks and take the companies offer. and be glad you have a job.

Lifeguard06Nov. 30, 1210:52 PM

Amazing how crystal sugar is able to fight off the hoard that took out hostess.

jbpaperNov. 30, 1211:46 PM

"...Budd said, "something to make the workers feel OK about voting 'yes.'"" ----- I would think getting a paycheck would make them feel OK about voting yes.


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