Obama says it's 'unacceptable' for Republicans to hold middle-class tax cuts 'hostage'

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  • Updated: December 1, 2012 - 5:04 AM
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palsarNov. 30, 1212:05 PM

"In his first campaign-style event to sell his solution..." - Even the media is beginning to see that all he can do is campaign.

royal2012Nov. 30, 1212:06 PM

If these tax increases for the middle class (expiration of the Bush Tax Cuts) are bad, then why did Bill Clinton and his Democrat Congress raise those taxes immediately after Clinton took office in 1993? Tax rates would revert back to the Clinton-era rates. Democrats raised those taxes, Democrat voters supported those taxes, so how can Democrats now say they are bad when they put those tax increases in place to begin with???

ikyabwaiNov. 30, 1212:15 PM

The GOP will flinch. They know their party will become completely extinct if they throw all of America under the bus for the richest 2%. Part of me hopes they don't and face the consequences. They have not demonstrated any intelligence for some time now as demonstrated by the election results.

yomammyNov. 30, 1212:21 PM

The GOP has offered specifics on how they are willing to RAISE revenue without raising taxes on "millionaires" (not sure how a family making 250,000 a year is considered to be a "millionaire", but that's what the democrats are calling them) by closing loopholes in our current tax code. Obama's response hasn't been to come back to the table with the CUTS, like he has promised through his "balanced" approach...but instead he has continued to campaign around the country his TAX INCREASE only approach. Tell you what, I've had enough of Obama's games....let's go over the "cliff". Let's let the tax cuts, which should have NEVER been temporary to begin with, expire. Let's get that off the table and let's start new. I'm tired of the games Obama is playing.

lopsideNov. 30, 1212:28 PM

The Republicans are willing to sacrifice the bank accounts of all Americans just to save a few dollars for the uber-rich who toss $100 bills into their fireplace to heat up the cigar room. Oh wait, they have the butler do it, who is probably an illegal being paid under the table.

prokjhlldeNov. 30, 1212:35 PM

Obama has had four years to "change that dirty diaper" but chose to hand it to his second term. Is he ever gonna change that diaper or just keep stinking up the middle class with empty rhetoric?

panktainterNov. 30, 1212:36 PM

Obamacare is already poised to raise taxes on the middle class. Never hear that mentioned by the media or Obama. Fasten your seatbelts and hold onto your wallets, this administration is going to push back the budgets of many Americans.

prokjhlldeNov. 30, 1212:36 PM

"Lump of Coal for Christmas" is a nice sound bite but where is Obama's plan for cutting spending?

jimjimjimjimNov. 30, 1212:38 PM

It is not a tax hike... it is merely restoring taxes to a previous level. Isn't that what liberals call it?

prokjhlldeNov. 30, 1212:38 PM

Let the tax cuts expire! I want to see a concrete plan for cutting spending too!


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