Souhan: Ryan made right trade; time will tell if he got right player

  • Article by: JIM SOUHAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 30, 2012 - 11:49 AM
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bassillNov. 29, 12 9:29 PM

SPAN is a very average player way overated.THE problem with RYAN is alot of fans just dont like him.TWINS badly need new blood in the front office. IF POHLAD wont spend money they need a new young owner who will be here for along time and spend money.IT is time the twins to stop screwing the fans and screwing around in general and WIN.

hrbekmorneauNov. 29, 12 9:30 PM

Lots of people are jumping on T.R. for making this trade. The kid has enormous potential, and the Twins need pitching in a big way. We have a wealth of outfielders in our system, and little pitching help. Makes sense to me. If this kid turns out to be dominant, it could turn out to be a huge trade in favor of the Twins. I'm for it. Let's stock up on arms.

lindy_frank123Nov. 29, 12 9:30 PM

So Jim you're telling those season ticket holders that spend good money to just wait through this year til 2014 and watch another 90+ losses? Don't think alot of them are going to "swallow" that. This is a millionaire owner who should be giving his loyal fans a product that's worth the price they are paying and he wont? That's just dandy. They are "prospects" for a reason Jim. You are already making this kid into an ace and he's thrown exactly zero pitches in the Majors. A little premature aren't we? Go out Terry and get some ESTABLISHED STARTERS not prospects for pete's sakes.

edina2008Nov. 29, 12 9:49 PM

Ho-hum. About what you'd expect to get in return for the lead-off hitter on a team that has lost nearly 200 games the past 2 seasons. Team is going to stink in '13 with Span here or not. Kudos on getting what he did for him.

mnhockeyguyNov. 29, 12 9:57 PM

The funny thing about this article is the Twins were "winners" in the 2000's but it was pretty much by virtue of the fact that the AL central was one of the worst divisions in Baseball history at that time! And Lew Ford being mentioned in the same sentence as Santana is rather hilarious. Also what resulted from those vaunted trades in the long run??? When Santana blossomed the Twins would pay him and he left. Where is Bartlett now or Lohse? The twins had Santana, Dickey, Lohse, and Garza and couldnt manage to keep one of them. And anyone who thinks that Smith wasnt being advised by Ryan when he was wheeling and dealing needs their head examined. This team will never win a world series under Ryan!

rogermarisNov. 29, 1210:04 PM

I counted 5 if's in 2 paragraphs. Hope springs eternal. Go Cub's I guess cause we got nothin.

paul44Nov. 29, 1210:11 PM

Another very smart trade by Ryan. Once again, the obvious must be pointed out - if you don't like this trade, you don't know baseball.

tmack24Nov. 29, 1210:18 PM

lindy_frank123: great comment, I agree with you completely and couldn't have stated it better!

Dantes929Nov. 29, 1210:31 PM

"The funny thing about this article is the Twins were "winners" in the 2000's but it was pretty much by virtue of the fact that the AL central was one of the worst divisions in Baseball history at that time" Funny thing is as I have pointed out statistically many times the AL central was not the worst division in baseball in the 2000's. They were very comparable to all divisions except the AL East. Twins would have won division titles in the NL West and Central and probably done much better in the playoffs. The Central only became (arguably even) the worst division in baseball when the Twins became a very bad team insstead of a 90+ win type of team. Again, they would not have won 90+ in the Am East but would have in any other division. Several of those years you could make the case the AL Central was the 2nd or 3rd best in baseball.

lakestellaNov. 29, 1210:33 PM

So So glad I didn't renew the season tickets. Rebuilding time which is needed and necessary but not interested in watching the miserable product on the field in 2013.


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