Gridlock: Looks like it's here to stay

  • Article by: MYLES SPICER
  • Updated: November 29, 2012 - 6:59 PM

The filibuster -- or, more accurately, the 60-vote requirement -- guarantees it.

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dakmarknetNov. 29, 12 9:47 PM

By the looks of it, Mitch McConnell appears to be a zombie. I really wonder if he is actually alive.

SorghastrumNov. 29, 1211:19 PM

As long as the filibuster rule is not in some way redesigned to permit the Senate to function as it was intended by the framers of government, and as long as the House is incapable of pulling it's nose out of the brown it has self-created and waddles in, there will not be government for the people, of the people and by the people; but there will only be rule of the rich, corporate and corrupt over the 99%.

martiankingNov. 30, 12 1:29 AM

Even though the nuclear option has been talked about, it only applies to one session of the Senate, not forever. Yes, the Dems know that by going that route, it will eventually be used against them in the future. I say, make the Repubs get up there and talk for their filibuster, not just threaten it. Then if they still can't agree on anything, the next election cycle should take care of the problem, since I think most people will be totally pissed at the Repubs for being obstructionists.

crystalbayNov. 30, 12 2:31 AM

The Tea party fascists have had their day in the sun; it's over. Someone should tell them - oh - wait!! That's exactly what our president is doing. If the House 87 -er, rather 76 tries to repeat their all-out obstructionism again, they will guarantee extinction of the GOP. Americans have had it with elected politicians who refuse to govern or work on solutions to the nation's problems.

royal2012Nov. 30, 12 3:54 AM

In Minnesota, Democrats will have control of the state House and Senate and governorship in January. And before they even take office they want to RAISE TAXES on middle and lower class Americans. That's right. Marky Dayton and his Democrat cohorts want to raise an additional $1 billion per year to SPEND on "infrastructure" projects. The tax hikes being discussed are for on gasoline and a possible increase in the metro sales tax. You got what you voted for, so you have no right to complain.

luzhishenNov. 30, 12 6:35 AM

So when do we march on Washington and let the GOP know the difference between the astroturf tea-partiers and a real outraged public?

cstoney48Nov. 30, 12 7:34 AM

Endless filibusters (or the threat of them) and individual 'holds' have destroyed the Senate's ability to function in any meaningful way. The Founders, those 'guys' who the Right claims to adore, never envisioned either and in fact pointedly rejected super majorities except in specific instances. If you want to retreat into the sanctity of the "original intent' myth, you can begin by castigating those who are paralyzing the institution and refusing to let majorities make decisions. In the long term, the lessons of McConnell's NO radicalism have been learned by his Democratic ‘friends across the aisle’. Do you think they will respond any differently when in the minority? The cycle will be repeated and what was once an honored institution will continue to be seen as a laughable failure of the American system. We are becoming a banana republic incapable of governing ourselves. Some role model for the world. American Exceptionalism--who would want to imitate this mess?

twspt7Nov. 30, 12 7:47 AM

Until their constituents hold them responsible, Senators and Congresspeople will act any way they darn well please, and usually it'll be to please their big campaign donors. This is not a new development. What is new is the level of awareness the American public has towards Congress these days. If Bachmann can come very close to losing in Bachmannistan, I think the accountability bar has been raised for our legislators in general. It is no accident of fate that we hear so much about distractions like the sex life of Gen Petraeus or the Benghazi debacle. Some very important votes will be coming soon in both houses. Focus on what is actually done, by whom, and follow the money. Nothing those folks in DC hate more than the light of day.

skeezyksNov. 30, 12 7:52 AM

Early in the "W" era I remember the Senate Republicans threatening to use the "nuclear option." That was all it took for the Senate Democrats to cave in, and cave in they did, time after time. Seems to me that turnabout is fair play. Go for it, Senate Democrats!

rockpile12Nov. 30, 12 8:17 AM

While I’m no fan of the filibuster, I’m grateful it’s currently in place. When you have a Democrat controlled Congress that shoved a stimulus bill down the throats of our children, what would you do? When you have a President who ignores the unemployed and demands a government controlled healthcare overhaul that many of his own party didn’t vote for, what would you do? When you have a White House that inserts itself into the affairs of GM solely to preserve union bloat, what would you do? When Democrats burden our future by passing the Cap and Trade tax and it’s clear that Nancy Pelosi would turn over American governance to the UN, what would you do? When Democrats and liberals seem bent on writing checks our grandchildren will need to honor, I sure know what I would do.


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