Consumers have all the momentum

  • Article by: STEVE CHAPMAN , Chicago Tribune
  • Updated: November 29, 2012 - 7:13 PM

Unlike in the past, there are options galore, with businesses eager to please.

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eman2001Nov. 29, 12 8:33 PM

Buy, Buy, Buy!

erikj3Nov. 29, 12 9:20 PM

THIS is the problem: We've created an economy almost completely dependent on people buying things for it to function. The problem is, we're consuming resources far greater than necessary as a result. And, many of the things we buy are nearly disposable and end up in landfills. As the world's largest economy, we should really change our focus to creating things (in a responsible manner) that other countries need, as opposed to mindless consumption.

davehougNov. 29, 12 9:28 PM

So how does this square with the idea Walmart is evil for pursuing low prices from whoever has the quality acceptable to Walmart????? If 100 great people apply for a job, SHOULD I pay more or SHOULD I pay less????

vlombardyNov. 29, 1210:06 PM

Joseph Stiglitz has pointed out that in the last 30 years the share of national income held by the top 1% of Americans has doubled; for the top 0.1%, their share has tripled. Meanwhile, median incomes for American workers have stagnated. So, for the vast majority of Americans, there is no more money to spend than there was 30 years ago. Prices are down because demand is down. Demand is down because people don't have money to spend. So the article applies to the 1% who are doing well. And the economy can't prosper with 99% on the outside looking in.

hobie2Nov. 29, 1211:14 PM

When reading the article, the thought kept popping into my head that 15 outhouses all painted in different bright and shiny colors are still just 15 outhouses.

hobie2Nov. 29, 1211:18 PM

"We've created an economy almost completely dependent on people buying things for it to function."... having a hard time picturing an economy that is not dependent on people buying things... I think that is because "a group of people buying and selling things from each other" is the definition of an economy?

hobie2Nov. 29, 1211:43 PM

hellooo -- censors -- not liking simple twists that show arguments in another light? do try to keep up...

royal2012Nov. 30, 12 3:50 AM

On the flip side, employers now have more power than ever because of the job market and middle class incomes have declined sharply from July 2009 to July 2012. We know who's fault that is, don't we?

beveryafraidNov. 30, 12 6:58 AM

Royals don't deign to stand in crowded lines with hundreds of others for the chance to buy cheap goods which will be useless within a couple of years. Not, the photo above shows mob rule. Not a royal in sight.

wa0tdaNov. 30, 12 8:00 AM

In an economy built on consumption, the consumer is the "job creator", notwithstanding the endless blather about how awful raising taxes on the wealthy will cause them to cut jobs.


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