Shot in the dark: Night hunting under the spotlight

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  • Updated: November 27, 2012 - 9:24 PM

Night hunting for deer isn't allowed in Minnesota and Wisconsin, but Chippewa bands in the latter want tribal members to be able to use lights "at the point of kill."

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puckster55picsNov. 27, 1210:50 PM

While Minnesota's and Wisconsin's regulations regarding coyotes, fox and raccoons are similar, Minnesota forbids night hunting of wolves, but Wisconsin allowed it starting Monday, after the firearms deer season ended. That state's night wolf hunters must be using a predator call or hunting over legal bait and be in a stationary position. A flashlight can be used "while shooting a wolf at the point of kill," the law states. How can the above be considered Ethical Hunting Practices? Anybody defending this is Not nor should Ever be considered a Hunter-they are lazy murderous scum & should N ever be allowed out in the woods hunting & they should be sterilized to keep from breeding future murdering scum! As to the tribes, if it's god enough for the wolf killers then it's good enough for them-hope they get all the big bucks they can find!

sandylaker1Nov. 27, 1211:25 PM

So it's ok for recreational killers to sport hunt Wolves at night under a spotlight, while the tribes cannot hunt deer for sustenance purposes using a spotlight? This is called racial discrimination.

roymercerNov. 27, 1211:53 PM

Rednecks down South do night hunting, and let me tell you. The woods are a scary place at night, even for game wardens.

dirtydogsNov. 28, 12 8:20 AM

We have hunters, and then we have lazy drunken rednecks out to kill just about anything that moves the easiest way possible. The latter gives real hunters a bad name. Hunting was never meant to be easy. May as well just shoot fish in a barrel. Of course on a similar note I see the tribes are allowed to net, so basically the same thing. Guess we won't take notice until all wildlife are so limited that we no longer will be able to have a hunting season.

verdepatoNov. 28, 12 8:29 AM

Shined deer in the past The only real fun way to stay warm and get your venesion Should of been legal for a long time

shaggsNov. 28, 12 8:58 AM

Sandylaker, you're an idiot. Nothing about this screams anything racial at all. It isn't just illegal for Indians to deer hunt an's illegal for everyone to night hunt. Night hunting should never be allowed for deer. There are simply too many hunters for something like this to be safe. Already we have people being shot mistakenly during the day, imagine how many people would get shot at night? It is a huge safety issue. Also it would be a nightmare for law enforcement because more people would be tempted to break laws under the cover of darkness that may not do so during the day, such as trespassing and over harvesting. I repeat, deer hunting should never be allowed as a night sport.

gimruisNov. 28, 12 8:58 AM

What I have a problem with is the safety of it. How can you see what's behind your target using a high-powered rifle at night? And quit defending the natives and their wolves. If the wolf is sacred, then 142,000 pounds of walleyes out of mille lacs with a net during spawning season should be too!

nw5746Nov. 28, 12 9:39 AM

One word - ridiculous. Shining a light in a deer's eyes at night isn't hunting, as a matter of fact, up until now it was called poaching. What are they going to come up with next - "hunting" with land mines? If "shining" a deer is the only way you can bag one, maybe these folks need to brush up on their hunting skills.

akmscottNov. 28, 12 9:40 AM

They can hunt legally like everyone else.All they ever do is push the envelope of what's legal to thumb their noses at everybody and say we can do what-ever we want!

chavistaNov. 28, 1210:21 AM

I believe that the issue of safety is moot. We already have legal shining and the shooting of deer in Minnesota right in our cities and I’m sure it is occurring in Wisconsin too. Many counties and cities are hiring firms to kill deer in parks located within the city limits without a single incident. Minnesota also has an illegal shining problem far greater than most people realize and I've never seen an article telling of a single person being shot by a shiner. Will the issuance of a few licenses all of sudden create a killing frenzy? Doubtful!


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