Steve Sack cartoon: Grover's grovelers

  • Article by: STEVE SACK , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 27, 2012 - 7:31 PM
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arspartzNov. 27, 12 8:58 PM

Now it's greedy to want to keep what you earn? Greed is wanting a part of what someone else earns.

comment229Nov. 28, 12 5:37 AM

arspartz: you are 100% correct... so, lower my tax rate to the rate paid by big corporations, or to the rate paid on capital gains, or raise their taxes to my level. Just make it fair! Grover, is over.

comment229Nov. 28, 12 5:39 AM

Further, there was an editorial in the local paper about changing it all together with a Fair Tax or something like that. He was referring to no taxes at all, and instead, a consumption tax. I am all for it and then offering extremely poor citizens to apply for a rebate.

kvarnoldNov. 28, 12 7:02 AM

Amen to this cartoon...the only thing I would have done is replace the elephants with amoebae

civilbobNov. 28, 12 8:05 AM

Directly from the Communist Manifesto. Calling someone greedy for believing we spend to much instead of not taxing enough is pathetic and un-American. It's exactly what we'd expect from the Star and Sickle.

vironweNov. 28, 1210:27 AM

civilbob: have you ever actually read the communist manifesto so you know if there actually is a comparison to be made, or is it just fun to brand something with a "naughty" word. Nobody's looking to rape the rich, were looking at a 2-3% increase in the top marginal rate. Nor is wanting to bring the wealth disparity down to a more reasonable level (which would more than likely aid the wealthy in the long run) class warfare. Read the recent op ed piece in the NY Times by Warren Buffet (reprinted in the Star here available. You don't necessarily have to agree with his conclusion about what to do, but there are a lot of interesting information to inform the debate.

punky2012Nov. 28, 1212:52 PM

"Nobody's looking to rape the rich, were looking at a 2-3% increase in the top marginal rate." Nonsense. Obama has run an average budget deficit of $1.274 trillion for his first four years in office and his fifth year deficit estimate exceeds $900 billion. Eliminating the Bush Tax Cuts on "the rich" will raise $80 billion based on static forecasts (that the rich continue earning as much and don't alter their behavior). So, where are you going to get the other $820 billion to balance the budget? Hmmm?

teentheftNov. 28, 12 1:41 PM

A cartoon highlighting Obama's plan for cutting wasteful spending? NonExistent!!

AlphaPupNov. 28, 12 4:14 PM

And for Thursday Mr Sack has on tap the following: I pledge allegiance, to Harry Reid, and all unbridled spending and money printing he commands...

synapse12Nov. 28, 12 5:04 PM

Obama took on Bush's wars, illegal and false pretense wars, and Shrub used the company credit card to pay for his lunacy. He didn't care who paid for the mess, or who cleaned it up, his eight years were done. Next, Buffet has said repeatedly the rich should have a flat tax. I agree. The rich paying 15% or less, and lower income folks paying much more, up to 38% is insanity squared. Anyone making over one million dollars should be flat taxed at 33%. This would end Cayman Island money hideouts and capital gains whining. Regarding greed. You only get to keep all you make if you live on your own island. When you partake of any or all government services --- Roads, schools, fire department, police, mail, ( I could go on ) then pay up. I'm not prepared to pay your way, and if you don't want to ante up , then indeed you are as GREEDY as Mr. Sack pointed out so brilliantly. The Communist Manifesto? If you've read it fully, and only understood half of what you read, you would not have compared anything in the United States to the writings. I'm sure tossing out the name was substantial in your thinking to highlight you as educated, but you've failed miserably.

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