Southwest LRT consultant admits making a $100M typo

  • Article by: KELLY SMITH , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 27, 2012 - 9:22 PM

Error narrows the cost gap in the fight over freight train traffic.

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mjcmspNov. 27, 12 3:39 PM

"Now, instead of costing $1.07 million to keep the light rail and freight trains together, or co-locate, it will cost $1.17 million." ----- This should be BILLION. Way to go Strib.

dollbradNov. 27, 12 3:50 PM

Oops! There's a typo in this story: "Now, instead of costing $1.07 million to keep the light rail and freight trains together, or co-locate, it will cost $1.17 million"

Mike1eyeNov. 27, 12 3:54 PM

It happens all the time. From the article: "Now, instead of costing $1.07 million to keep the light rail and freight trains together, or co-locate, it will cost $1.17 million. "We can't understand essentially how a $100 million typo can occur... " Shouldn't that be a "B" for $1.17 Billion?

gotsootNov. 27, 12 4:02 PM

Lets face it; its easy for $100,000,000 to get lost among a $1,250,000,000 project (and I'm sure there are many costs that are conveniently excluded from that price). I'm sure they want to hurry up and get this thing funded while they can. Once the Central line is finished and running empty, it will be harder to justify. I have a great the money and leave the freight trains where they are. And don't build the LRT.

dtmonkeyboyNov. 27, 12 4:03 PM

So while everyone criticizing governement we see that privately held for profit companies make mistakes --in this case both HDR Engineering and the Strib. And let us not forget that it was private companies that designed the 35W bridge and also inspected it prior to its collapse...and then there is the URS Cop fiasco with the Sabo bridge.

liberaleliteNov. 27, 12 4:08 PM

The expense of relocating trains out of the Kenilworth corridor should NOT come out of the LRT project's budget because the LRT project did not cause this mess. A highway project did.... When MnDOT grade-separated Hiawatha and Lake over a decade ago as part of the upgrade of MN 55, they severed the ex-Milwaukee Road trackage used by TC&W. The "interim" solution was to use the Kenilworth corridor, which had already been purchased by the Hennepin County Regional Railroad Authority. This is another example of a cost caused by a highway project being transferred to transit project funding.

bobblumenfelNov. 27, 12 4:13 PM

@Dmonkeyboy: Everybody makes mistakes, not just government and privately held for-profits. Even non-profits and publicly held for- and not-for-profits make mistakes. Who should we trust to be perfect?

minnesotachaNov. 27, 12 4:26 PM

Sometimes, a mistake is just a mistake. Better to find out now rather than after a decision is made.

cyberpunkNov. 27, 12 4:39 PM

$100mm here, $100mm there and pretty soon you're talking about real money.

bleavitNov. 27, 12 5:12 PM

Hennepin County would have you believe that HDR made th mistake but make no mistake about who published the document...Hennepin County. It may be over a 1000 pages but honestly, no one at HC looked at the page of project cost estimates and noticed a $100 million dollar difference. I agree with Mr. Miller about other "typographical" errors. I think the whole DEIS should be withdrwan and re-published by another RGU or Responsilble Government Unit. Hennepin County has butchered the freight rail issue from the start. I no longer have any faith in my county commissioner and government because of this one issue. Forget the promises and do what right!


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