GOP should shoot message, not messengers

  • Article by: Ramesh Ponnuru , Bloomberg News
  • Updated: November 27, 2012 - 1:45 PM

Changing the candidate selection process alone won't fix the GOP's problems.

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goldengoph3rNov. 27, 12 3:08 PM

Agreed. Akin and Mourdock were cruising to victory before they revealed their quite sincere feelings on abortion and women's rights, so it's clear the message--not the messengers-- were the problem. Make no mistake: the GOP cannot help themselves when it comes to social issues. Republican leaders have recently said that social issues should be left out of the discussion, but they exactly the same thing before the 2010 "jobs, jobs, jobs" elections, and of course we were treated to personhood amendments, defunding PP, ultrasound requirements, and the like. Americans saw right through the GOP in 2012; don't expect the GOP to have a change of heart on social matters in 2014.

wingophersNov. 27, 12 3:28 PM

When I see McCain, Graham and McConnell I want to "throw up" as the Republican leadership in the Senate are made up of "old white men". It is time for them to give way to younger talent.

beveryafraidNov. 27, 12 4:53 PM

One thing the GOP should NOT do is to dress up some "token" minority who just so happens to espouse the same old message. Voters will see right through that. The GOP actually needs to change their message, and if it means a schism between mainstream and far-right views, maybe a new far-right party will form. Beer halls have seen it before.

firefight41Nov. 27, 12 5:08 PM

Who cares, we should be fixing what is wrong with this country, and the main problems are called democrat party and republican party.

erikj3Nov. 27, 12 6:05 PM

It used to be Dems who were the unorganized party, now it's the Repubs' turn. They are going to keep fighting amongst themselves for years, and I hope the sane, rational part (the smaller part) emerges victorious, otherwise we're in real trouble in this country over the next 15-20 years.

texas_technomanNov. 27, 12 6:08 PM

First the GOP should run a few focus groups (comprised of women, LBGT, minorities, etc.), read them their 2012 platform, and then ask for feedback...and actually listen to what they say. Ok, that will never happen. I heard today that Santorum is going to run again in 2016....that should solve all their problems. Heaven forbid that someone who is actually intelligent and qualified, like John Huntsman, would get nominated...a guy that refused to kowtow to the teabaggers, who had been a successful governor, and Ambassador to China. Ok that will never happen. I will shut up now.

theruntNov. 27, 12 7:14 PM

Thinking the Tea Party's gonna peter out. Really, it was basically the anti-Obama party. Recall the frenzy about Obama taking people's guns and their freedom and installing socialism, the Nazi banners on Beck's shows, the Hitler/Lenin/African chieftan banners and Confederate flags in the streets? Oh, they'll claim "We mean to stop government spending," but how valid's the claim when they were silent as snowflakes when Bush was doubling the deficit? Since Obama's leaving their work is done. Those deciding who should run would be wise to stay clear of them.

divineleftNov. 27, 12 7:31 PM

GOP is trying to put lipstick on a pig. It is their message that doesn't sell, which is why Romney spent most of his campaign denying that message was really his own. They need to say sorry to all those "RINOs" like Dick Lugar they rejected, and get them back in the party. Then craft a much more middle of then road message, and tell Tea Party to go away.

my4centsNov. 27, 12 7:49 PM

I would agree that some of the Republican message might need to change. However, they need to be very careful about that as well. Just as the Democrats are a conglomeration of special interests (women, gays, immigrants, welfare recipients), Republicans have the same with fiscal conservatives and social conservatives. The biggest reason the Republican message isn't working is that their message is more difficult to understand then the Democratic message of "government will give you ...". The best hope for Republicans is that the Democratic policies get implemented. When they ultimately fail I only hope that the country can still be saved.

mittsthezhitNov. 27, 12 8:15 PM

It is not the Republican message that needs to change, it is the rest of the country that voted for Obama that needs to change. You put in office someone who failed miserably in his first 4 years. It won't take long for the majority of American's to figure out that taxing the rich is not the answer. What you will see happen in the next 4 years is this.... the administration will continue to over fund entitlement programs and middle class America is going to get fed up with paying for programs that do nothing to help people excel. The people that abuse the welfare system and do nothing to better themselves are a huge problem. Taxes are going to go up as will unemployment and the poverty rate. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that if your deficit is 1 trillion increasing taxes on 1 part of the population that will bring in 80 million is not going to cut it. Like I said, you libs voted for him. Of course, you are the same people that voted someone in that was under federal investigation and was in a mental ward at the time of the election so nothing should surprise us anymore.


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