Anti-tax crusader gets ready for Minnesota's revenue debate

  • Article by: BAIRD HELGESON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 27, 2012 - 7:16 AM

Grover Norquist's group starts Minnesota political-action fund.

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dflleftNov. 26, 1210:13 PM

DAYTON HAS ALREADY said publically that he will raise taxes whether or not the state needs the revenue, and with DFL now controlling both senate and house taxes are going UP. Dayton's goal is to replicate California where they just raised state taxes to the highest in the nation. For sure expect higher sales taxes here too.

du1152Nov. 26, 1210:18 PM

I did NOT vote for Grover Norquist! You folks running our show in St. Paul do NOT work for Grover Norquist either! Do the work of the people of Minnesota and throw this guy out of our state!!

vegas2112Nov. 26, 1210:21 PM

Norquist and his blue collar stooges -- the ones who carry water for the rich -- are none other than tea party circus. Entertaining -- but not to be taken seriously.

alanam8Nov. 26, 1210:25 PM

For the next two years, at least, Nodrquist and Krinkie are irrelevant in the State of Minnesota. Democrats don't sign the pledge, and Democrats run the House, Senate, and Gov's office. End of story. Who cares about these people, anymore?

dtmonkeyboyNov. 26, 1210:28 PM

I live in a condo building and can't imagine our board saying they would never ever raise dues. What if the furnace explodes or all the tree of the property get Dutch elm disease or we decide we want to add a pool. Ultimately the members of the community get to decide what level of service we are willing to pay for. The same is true of government. We, the people ultimately get to decide what level of taxes we want and what level of government service we want to pay for. It would be really dumb to tie our hands...what if we were fighting to Middle Eastern would be dumb to lower taxes...oh wait that is exactly what Republicans did.

bl24601Nov. 26, 1210:29 PM

I pledge allegiance to Grover Norquist...??? That doesn't sound like representing the people who elected those legislators.

suzukisvNov. 26, 1210:33 PM

Right wingers better start "pledging" their allegiance to this country and not half pint demagogues like Grover. Also, if right wingers allegiance is going to be controlled by this character, I think it should be considered fraud to work for this man and then draw a salary from American taxpayers.

pinky1933Nov. 26, 1210:34 PM

Norquist is an anarchist. he wants a free-for-all...every man/women for themselves. that, to me, is not patriotic in the slightest. generalizing that government is bad is childish and ignorant. instead, let's discuss how we can find a mix of effective measures that lawmakers can agree on and then get on with it.

quinnerooNov. 26, 1211:04 PM

"if right wingers allegiance is going to be controlled by this character, I think it should be considered fraud to work for this man"................I'll take that a step further, suzukisv. I think it is treasonous to pledge allegiance to a person or organization that isn't elected by the people.

lawyerguyNov. 26, 1211:45 PM

Anti tax zealout? I think your bias is showing. When last was Governor Dayton who favors higher taxes called a "confiscatory socialist" or "higher tax crusader" by the Strib?


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