Love's glove messing with touch

  • Article by: JERRY ZGODA , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 27, 2012 - 7:17 AM

The Wolves power forward hopes to get the OK from the team athletic trainer to play without it.

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snoozecruiseNov. 27, 12 9:10 AM

So he comes back early for what purpose? Getting Pek and Barrea back from their injuries resulted in the Wolves having eleven players rather than nine. And between AK, DWill, Cunningham, and Howard, the Wolves had four forwards. We have four uninjured guards in Lee, Ridnour, Shved, and Barrea. And we have Pek, Steimsma, and the long-haired dude (forgot his name) at center. Love comes back early, out of shape, contricted by the glove, shoots abysmally, doesn't get back on defense, and admits to needing to improve his defense--yah, getting back on D alone would be an improvement, never mind defending a pick and roll in a committed manner. He ruins the little bit of chemistry the club had before his poorly timed return BECAUSE HE'S NOT READY TO PLAY and contributes significantly to the losses since his return, despite his points and rebounds. And the thing he needs to work on the most--getting back on D rather than whining like a baby about calls and non-call--and that's something that's TOTALLY within HIS complete realm of control, remains out-of-control. Despite his comments of needing to improve on defense, blah, blah, blah, Kevin still appears to be about Kevin. His teammates defer; Adelman defers...and a healthy, developing DWill, who is no worse than Love on defense, gets next to no playing time. I will get on-board with Love when he gets on board with the TEAM and makes sacrifices for the team, including the sacrifice of sitting out because of his own knuckle-headed need to do knuckle pushups, and when he makes the sacrifice of getting his cardio together when he's out like countless other guys do who don't play regularly but are called on in a moment's notice when a player gets injured and must be in game-shape. I will not only jump on, but I will volunteer to lead, the Love Train when he shows all-around game and is willing to make sacrifices for the team, and play both ends of the court. When/if he does, we might have a true star rather than a stat star. It's the little things that count as much, if not more, than what appears in the box scores. Rubio is Exhibit A for proof of that.

MuddyOasisNov. 27, 12 1:17 PM

I'll take issue with one comment in that rant...D-Will's pick n roll defense is much much much worse than Love's. In the Golden State game I was begging for Williams to show longer on Curry. Curry just waited for Williams to go back to his man and then was 6 feet wide open from a chasing Ridnour. Side note, Love rules.

MuddyOasisNov. 27, 12 1:23 PM

Second side note, Snooze if I don't see rants about Rubio's conditioning everytime he looks winded when he comes back or rants about how he still hasn't developed a jump shot then it'll be tough for you to disagree that you are totally biased on Love and Rubio.

snoozecruiseNov. 27, 12 3:09 PM

Muddy, I'll be looking for a marked improvement in Rubio's shot this season. I'm not expecting his shot to go in that often for a couple two or three weeks, because that's how it goes after a long layoff. But we'll know by the third shot he takes, whether he makes it or not not, if he's made the necessary changes in his mechanics. I WILL be critical of him if his shot isn't markedly better THIS year. Every other aspect of Rubio's game gets a pass from me because of the seriousness of his injury, how long he's been off, and because it usually takes two years to return to pre-injury form. So I won't be criticizing him if he's huffing and puffing when he returns from his injury. Love was only off four weeks, and it was a hand injury, so he could have come back in better shape, yet I know that you can only get in game shape by playing. The whining and not getting back on D and not committing to the defensive end is on him, and he hasn't corrected that so far, which is deserving of criticsm. I've noticed that several others are critcizing him too, so it's not personal. I actually look for the good in his game. This year, surrounded by better players, we'll see if Love is a team player and will sacrifice stats by doing the little things. Still need his scoring and rebouding, but so much more is required if you want to win. He says he wants to win, so we'll see if he parks his whining and gets his rear in gear defensively.

MuddyOasisNov. 27, 12 3:41 PM

I suspect Love's stats will be around the same or improve. If zero plays were run for him he'd still get 15-15.

snoozecruiseNov. 27, 12 4:06 PM

And that's exactly my point: stats. I want to see the little things, which are really big things, that don't show up in the stats from him. Probably 80 to 90 percent, just making a rough estimate, of the game doesn't show up in the stats, and getting back on D, sacrificing a complaint to the refs for the good of the team, helping out on defense, etc., etc. is included in the non-stats (though I suspect the coaches are recording many more stats than what show up in the box scores). As you've said, Muddy, which I had never considered before, defensive rebounding IS part of defense, which then starts the offense. But if Kevin gets ll defensive rebounds and another 4 offensive ones, AND doesn't get back or play good D on X number of plays that result in the other team scoring, his 15-15 is significantly negated by his own play, or I should say, lack of play. In any case, should be a competitive game tonight.

MuddyOasisNov. 27, 12 4:35 PM

To be fair Love is one of the most beaten up and hacked players in the league. Take note of his pasty white arms from 2 weeks ago, maybe even by tomorrow those things will be bruised and scraped like nobody's business. I do want him to get back but its hardly killing us. It's just annoying to the viewer. Perimeter defense and opponent 3 point field goals is where we're getting murdered.

MuddyOasisNov. 27, 12 4:35 PM

Tonight will be a win. Boogie can't handle Pek....never has, never will.

snoozecruiseNov. 27, 12 7:59 PM

Maybe it shows more on Love's pasty white arms than on players who have darker skin. Personally, I don't think he takes more of a beating than any other player, and if he does, it's because of all the holding and hooking he does. He gets what he dishes. Maybe with his chronic whining, the refs let him take a few more hits. If so, good for the refs.

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