Scoggins: Kill's health is yet another distraction for troubled team

  • Article by: CHIP SCOGGINS , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 27, 2012 - 12:58 PM
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guth54Nov. 26, 12 8:37 PM

Jerry Kills off field problems (NC pay off, seizures, publicized player confrontations..etc) are masking his real problem: he can't coach at the NCAA Divison 1 level. PERIOD END OF STORY.

bruwho54Nov. 26, 12 8:40 PM

Until the media, you included, stops main lining the health aspect of Coach Kill, it will be an issue. Let it alone. Just leave it be. Concentrate on the program, the athletes, and what you, the media, can do to help the recruiting process bring in the top national athletes. Your continuance in harping on the medical condition of Coach Kill is nothing more than thrill writing.

kivirl4Nov. 26, 12 8:48 PM

I really liked, and do like Kill. I was MUCH more enthused about his hire than that of Brewster, which I KNEW was a mistake from the beginning. That said, I think he needs to do what is right for the program, and especially himself, and resign.

edma0012Nov. 26, 12 9:08 PM

I think that people confuse epilepsy to be a life threatening condition. Its not. Having said that, its a condition that is, clearly in this case anyway, capable or preventing a person from living an otherwise "normal" life. In Kill's case, its preventing him from being on the sidelines during a close game, an entire half, countless practices and other team events. A medical condition doesn't have to be life threatening to be serious enough to warrant a career change. He can't physically do this job. I think you could argue he can't handle this job, regardless of his epilepsy, and in the end that will cost him his job.

goldengoph3rNov. 26, 12 9:20 PM

We'll know in a couple years if recruiting is going well or not by how the Gophers do on the field. And if they're doing well, the medical issue retreats into the background. If the condition worsens, however, then the U would seem to have a problem allowing Kill to continue doing a job that might be endangering his health. You're right, Chip; no easy answers.

drudgemonkeyNov. 26, 12 9:27 PM

Give him an offseason to get a handle on controlling it. I don't think the issue is really with recruiting. But it seems to me if the frequency progresses on game days, that simply isn't going to work out for all concerned. You need to be able to coach when the game is on the line. I like Coach Kill and hope it can be stabilized.

tonyeasonNov. 26, 12 9:27 PM

In Jerry's position, it IS a big deal. Can he keep stress to a minimum as a Div I fooball head coach? Suggestion: have him see the neurologists at Mayo Clinic that Percy Harvin saw.

senjh23Nov. 26, 12 9:35 PM

Tough situation. Is this a "disability" that limits UM in how they deal with it? If Kill's health is not in danger, then it should be up to him. Those judging negatively after 1.5 season when there has been a clear improvement are just uninformed. Give the man a chance!

buzzerjNov. 26, 12 9:38 PM

I don't know anything about Jerry Kill. If he didn't have health issues, I would say as a head coach in a Division 1 program like Minnesota, I'm still not impressed. Having a total of seven yards rushing in nineteen attempts against Michigan State pretty much says Minnesota doesn't have a running game at all. The Minnesota program would be pretty much in trouble even if Kill weren't associated with the university, but he is. He doesn't impress me as an inspirational type for a head coach. His health issues notwithstanding, I don't see his basic coaching talents making a difference for the program. A head coach lives and dies with the bottom line results. The university needs to seriously consider pulling the plug on this and it wouldn't necessarily be due to Kill's health issues. They just compound the problem. It wouldn't necessarily result in a wrongful termination for the university to want what's best for the program. Coaches are hired to be fired. It's the name of the game. Now Kill may not want to leave, to admit he can't make a positive difference on the field. They're 2-6 in conference in 2012. That doesn't spell success. You don't get higher draft choices if you have a losing college record. It comes down to arithmetic. The numbers the Gophers put up aren't sufficient - bottom line. It's up to the university to grow a spine if they want a chance for a decent football program, make the tough decisions and move on.

minneg56Nov. 26, 12 9:53 PM

Adversity of having only half a foot didn't stop Tom Dempsey from setting a field goal distance record which stood for years in NFL. Kill is a great sports story. So he's got a condition? Gee, didn't Spartan's coach D'Antonio suffer a heart attack a couple of years ago? (sarcasm) Gosh- he could have another one and maybe couldn't coach any more? What about recruiting? It was rumored that Urban Meyer left his previous job because of health/family/emotional issues. Could he have more and quit again? It was rumored that Lane Kiffin was a total FLAKE for signing on to coach Tennessee only to turn tail like an indecisive hormonally challenged junior high schooler in heading for SC. So yeah- maybe it's 'uncoventional' that an employer would accommodate Kill's challenges with seizures for this type of job. The program needed to be rebuilt from the ground up. Kill is doing it with a lot of GUTS. There's no better coach / man who'd actually TAKE the job than Jerry Kill. Kill deserves the shot anyone else would get to rebuild college football's version of post World War II Europe. 5 years. Continued good luck coach Kill!


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