No-sort recycling takes away the fun

  • Article by: SYBIL AXNER
  • Updated: November 26, 2012 - 7:47 PM

It's doubtful the city of Minneapolis considered the unintended consequences of the new, no-sort recycling program that it is rolling out in stages.

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LennyofMNNov. 26, 12 8:09 PM

Yes!!! Throw it all in one bin! One big, beautiful, bin!

jojoobooNov. 26, 12 8:27 PM

Feel free to keep sorting your recycling if it means that much to you. I'll use my time for something better.

catiebrookeNov. 26, 12 8:40 PM

Speak for yourself. There is no rule that dictates that your husband can't continue his routine. Perhaps this disruption will provide him with enough free time to adopt a new hobby.

tribute24Nov. 27, 12 1:00 AM

How much water (and energy, if it's hot) are you wasting by washing those recyclable materials? Just a quick rinse or wipe is needed.

stplooklistnNov. 27, 12 5:07 AM

Thanks for the humorous take on sorting the recycling. As one of the first recyclers on the block, it is a hard habit to break. Read somewhere that big containers may reduce materials being recycled if glass breaks all over the paper materials.

SorghastrumNov. 27, 12 5:10 AM

The greater common good is of course the percentage of households who will possibly now recycle. Most likely, while those who have recycled previously will continue to sort out their items, the new initiates will dump them all together. Everybody wins.Especially the environment, in this one small way.

ollie3Nov. 27, 12 6:14 AM

What the...?

owatonnabillNov. 27, 12 6:25 AM

No-sort recycling has just come to Owatonna. Admittedly things are simpler (just dump everything recyclable into the bin) but owatonnabill is a tad peeved by the whole thing. For instance, the cute backyard hutch designed and built by owatonnabill to house the trash bin and (former) recycling container is now too small for the blue-and-gold recycling behemoth, which now of necessity lives next to the garage until a new hutch can be built. Also, our recycling days are two weeks apart, but with the size of the new recycling monster means that once a month would be more than adequate. Oh well...

hazzzeeNov. 27, 12 7:10 AM

Its crazy that a city the size of Minneapolis doesn't already have no sort recycling! I really don't care about the quirks of your personality, this is about keeping our planet clean. For anyone to have reservations about this policy, well, they just don't get it.

bigbadbeanNov. 27, 12 7:52 AM

Thanks for the light-hearted commentary! Fun to read. Too bad some on this board can't figure out it was written tongue in cheek.


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