Twin Cities flight paths, it seems, are very personal

  • Article by: MARGARET MCRAITH
  • Updated: November 26, 2012 - 7:40 PM

It makes me sad (if not necessarily surprised) to see the selfishness and mean-spiritedness of people toward each other over airplane noise.

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busyn5018Nov. 26, 12 9:57 PM

As an Edina Resident and a citizen involved on mobilizing awareness on the proposed RNAV flightpaths, I find this editorial offensive and ill-informed Of the hundreds of emails I saw directed to city, state, federal, MAC, FAA, and other parties regarding this issue, I witnessed none which were mean-spirited or intended to pit one city or party against another. In fact, the petition presented by Mayor Rybek to the MAC was jointly signed by almost 4000 residents of many cities affected (not just Edina). Many of the comments on the petition from Edina residents refer to a willingness to share the flights over a large dispersion (likeit is now) rather than concentrating them over one area. The main gripe from Edina was that we weren't are of the proposed changes. Plus, it was obvious from the meeting (which it's obvious the writer did not attend) that the FAA did not know the impact of the proposed changes. We were going to be the national guinea pig for this untested program. The writer should feel fortunate that Edina mobilized to stop the FAA as the new program is untested and as the FAA said, " we won't know the impacts until we implement the program." Sorry you made a poor real estate decision. As we all know, location , location, location. Please don't look like a fool as you are obviously an academic. Your anti-Edina bias can probably be used in a more productive manner. There a lot of good people in Edina who contribute much of their time and financials to the metro. Yes, as a community we are resourceful and network well as we did in this situation. And, as you alluded to, we also give back in many ways. Peace.

gkstoutNov. 26, 12 9:58 PM

Selfish? This isn't about emotion, it's about money, and we capitulated to NW Airlines, via Arne Carlson and his cronies, which thought nothing about selling us out to Delta. It might be too late, but the people in Edina and Minneapolis have every right to object. Denver cared about quality of life. Minneapolis brags about it, but it has very little. If people left this wasteland, they'd discover a big world out there that is way more progressive.

orion44Nov. 27, 12 6:34 AM

The problem with the proposal is that it creates 2 super highways of air traffic with no research to look at the possible impact. I purchased my current home 15 years ago. At the time we considered many neighborhoods including the area around Lake Nokomis but one of our primary considerations was the airport traffic noise. We loved everything about the neighborhood and the homes we looked at but the proximity to the airport was one factor we knew we couldn’t live with. You chose your neighborhood knowing the noise levels were there. It is simply a community coming together to preserve what they have, not push the negatives off on another community and say now it’s your turn.

beveryafraidNov. 27, 12 7:29 AM

I lived for 15 years near 34th Avenue and 54th Street on the east side of Lake Nokomis. At that location it was not uncommon to smell jet fuel in the air during cloudy weather. The sound insulation program which MAC and the airlines used to justify further expansion turned out to be snake oil salesmanship, as promises of fully financed reinsulated homes actually turned out to be nothing but a partial rebate. Didn't I know there was an airport there when I bought my home? Of course. But the noise got worse and worse as the airlines made more and more money for themselves - at our expense! Now I live south of Lake Harriet. The noise is less, and I'm glad of it. I think it's perfectly justified to point fingers. Directly at MAC and the airlines. Good neighbors they are not.

wiseguy1Nov. 27, 12 7:55 AM

I think Ms McRaith is right-on. I've grown accustomed to the NIMBY attitudes and unwillingness to compromise that are so prevalent today. Compassion and empathy seem to occur only when personal sacrifice is not a part of the equation. We no longer look at the good of the community as a whole, but rather seem only concerned about what impacts us personally.

bigbadbeanNov. 27, 12 7:57 AM

The airport was not built it the middle of the city. The cities were built near the airport because it is a transportation hub and the airport expanded as they always do to encroach on the cities. If you really want a shock, look at how much of our tax dollars have gone to upgrade the houses around the airport. Many times we spend more on upgrading the house than it's assessed value.

stingballNov. 27, 12 8:15 AM

And let's not forget that Delta Airlines recently move most of their newer, quieter jets from their Minneapolis hub to their Atlanta hub and gave us their older, noisier jets in return. Delta has repeatedly given Minnesota the raw end of the deal in more ways than one.

wonderingwhyNov. 27, 12 8:32 AM

@bigbadbean - If you really want a shock, look at how much of our tax dollars have gone to upgrade the houses around the airport. Many times we spend more on upgrading the house than it's assessed value. - Just not true, I have talked to many in the Nokomis area and they got perhaps 15% of the home value at best. And it was airport user fees, not taxes that have been paying for the upgrades.

muggsh2oNov. 27, 12 9:08 AM

I grew up in Stillwater and as the town grew out to the west some developers built these high end houses out in the cornfields/woods. When the wealthy moved in, they realized there were train tracks in the neighborhood and trains actually used them. You should've heard the whining! As if someone hid the train tracks as they were buying the house! It was hilarious. If you move near the airport - guess what? Planes are going to fly overhead.

delverboyNov. 27, 12 9:10 AM

This article makes me sad because it the writer is so misinformed. The new proposals will concentrate traffic into just a few airplane "freeways". I live in SW Mpls where we average about 35 flights a day over our house. The new plan would increase traffic to 138 flights a day. That is not a "a little bit more noise" as this article states. Right now the pain is shared among many flight paths. That is the unselfish way to do it, not the way the new plan proposes.


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