For Gophers football, positive vibes lacking

  • Article by: PHIL MILLER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 26, 2012 - 7:18 AM

The Gophers football team followed their sixth victory with two losses, a much-ballyhooed departure and another Jerry Kill seizure.

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kesummNov. 25, 1210:12 PM

The one thing Kill and Teague have control over is their own judgement and it is sorely lacking: burning the redshirts of promising freshman after saying they would not do that, the $800,000 NC buyout debacle, failing to correctly judge what motivates AJ Barker vs. what sends him out the door. Kill began the year with a lot of goodwill and promise for the future. He ends it with many wondering who the next coach will be.

hobie2Nov. 25, 1210:42 PM

"We just didn't move the ball," again...And who sets the offense timing? Who is the clock, the arm, and who makes the offense tick?.. As was pointed out three weeks ago what would soon happen,and anyone watching the games saw, the defenses have figured out Nelson, and he isn't quick enough on the reads to get it done - and games is not where that is practiced... It isn't enough of an excuse that the catch-wary MN receivers would be dead if the QBs were throwing spears, or that Kill has a serious mini-revolt on his hands over who the receivers think can get the job done at QB - Kill's Nelson doesn't have the route timing down and he isn't willing to ring one off the helmet of a lazy receiver... Give up the Minnesota and mediocre-coach myth that tough hard-working QBs win games - QBs with great arms, great reads, leader skills, and win-at-all-cost attitudes win games - and yes, they irritate all those who have to work hard while they work smart - but when you need a TD with 3 minutes left, and you know that their arm and their skill can get it done - those are who you follow - not some coordinator in the booth.

eyeintheskyNov. 25, 1210:51 PM

kesumm: Coach Kill will be the coach for as long as Coach Kill believes it is best for him to be the head coach. He holds the long-term contract that has a very significant multi-million dollar value. He also holds the fate of his long-time assistant coaches in his hands. Our new Norwood and our somewhat new prexy k realize this. The Athletic Department's budget is largly funded with cash infusions from the B1G NETWORK made in the form of yearly payments of the U of M's equal share from the NETWORKS profits each year. The former prexy b made a $7 million dollar loan to the former ad's athletic department from the General Fund of the U of M so that coaches Mason and Monson could be bought out of their newly EXTENDED contracts back at the end of 2006/beginning of 2007. I don't know the fate of THAT loan...maybe badger joel macturi is washing dishes over at the U to pay that loan off. Maybe that is why he got what looks like a golden parachute deal to stay on over there after he stepped down as ad. But, at any rate, I don't know IF there would be enough money laying around over at the U during economic times like these to take care of buying Coach Kill and his staff out. And, since Coach Kill and his staff ARE making some progress with the total rehabbing of the football program after the failed brewball experiment that prexy b and macturi forced upon the football program I would say that our new Norwood and our somewhat nw prexy k NEED Coach Kil and his entire staff to stay on the job, continuing to work to improve the program for as LONG AS POSSIBLE. I honestly don;t think there is cash enough just laying around to do things much differently. AND: this proegram NEEDS all the stability it can beg, borrow and steal...Have a good day kesumm.. ; 0 )

eyeintheskyNov. 25, 1211:13 PM

Phil: I think we just need to put some things in perspective and step away from the ledge. Now, IF you want a glum outlook, just look at the president, the members of the house and the members of the sennate. They have a REAL cliff ledge staring them in the face. IF they take us over the ledge of the cliff, by the first of the year, most likely we head back into recession and we most likely will take the rest of the world with us. THAT is real doom and gloom material Phil. OR, switching gears: did you watch ANY of the vikqueen vs. Bears game today? Now THAT was some ugly stuff. And, where is Harvin and when will he be back? Has Peterson reverted to his fumbling ways? And, we all know with nfl running backs that there is an average "shelf-life" for running backs. The clock may be ticking...or...maybe he will play forever at a very productive level....maybe he will...And ponder the qb position for the vikqueen. Is this guy the REAL deal? Or, is it a shame that the vikqueen didn't just lose another game last year to get Luck...or RGIII...or that they didn't use a 2nd round pick to take Wilson out of wisky? Their defense isn't looking so good. They are sitting at 6-5 and have another game against the Bears, Two against Green Bay and one against Houston plus one against St. Louis. The offensive lines is suspect...and they have terrible wide-outs. Now THAT is a football nightmare... So, lets just take a few days off. Let the Gophers take their in their 15 practices...let the coaches work with the team...let them heal up... Let's find out where we go and who we play. It will be FUN. I have NEVER been to a bad bowl game Phil. It is going to be OK! And the Gophers DID improve from 3-9 last season to 6-6 with a bowl invitation in 2012. It IS going to be ok! ; 0 )

goldengoph3rNov. 26, 1212:49 AM

Eyeinthesky, your comments are pie in the sky. This program regressed mightily the last two weeks and Kill's health has returned to the spotlight. The bowl invitation is mostly irrelevant; recruits won't get too excited about a bowl game nobody cares about. Kill's seizures debilitate more than his own well-being.

eyeintheskyNov. 26, 12 1:23 AM

goldengoph3r: What happened the last two weeks is really quite simple...although it DOES speak volumns about the state of our program compared to the state of some of the other B1G program and just how immense the job of bringing our situation here at Minnesota a bit closer to the situations at many of the other B1G programs. Quite simply put: two weeks ago, our Gophers played in Lincoln Nebraska. I was at the game. Nebraska is a VERY GOOD Football team with lots of depth...lots of skill of today, they are sporting a 10-2 record. Two weeks ago, it was Senior Day in their 85,000 seat stadium that has been SOLD OUT for 50...that's FIFTY consecutive years. And on that day two weeks ago...the LIVING LEGEND of all of Nebrasks...Dr. Tom Osborne was being honored. He AND Coach Bo P. the Cornhuskers onto the field. Nebraska played very well and beat us badly. However, I believe that what I saw in Lincoln rivaled THE Ohio State Game Day Scene in most every way...only the fans were passionate in perhaps a more civil, friendly and impressive way than the Game Day setting I saw in Columbus in 2000 When Coach Mason and the Gophers BEAT the Buckeyes for the first time since about 1949. And last week, MSU entered our stadium attempting to save a disappointing season for them. Perhpas frustration season would be a better way to put it. They had lost five Big Ten Games by an average of between 2 and 3 points in each game. They had lost a close game to Notre Dame. They had beaten wisky. Their defense was the number one defensive unit in the B1G Confeence. They were ranked the number 6 defense in the nation. Physically they owned the line of scrimmage...on both sides of the ball. Therefore, they owned the Gophers, were able to physically impose their game plan and they dominatd the Gophers because they were stronger, had more depth, and were a better football team. Last year, afterall, they did play for the Conference Championship. The Gophers beat the teams that they should have beaten this year. When they came up against better teams...they lost. They lost to Northwestern, iowa, wisky, Michigan, Nebraska and MSU in B1G play. They beat Purdue and Illinois in addition to the 4 ooc teams they played. And, yes, moving from a 3-9 record last season to a 6-6 record with a bowl invitation IS improvement. I don't recall too many instances in NCAA play where a program moves from the ground floor to the penthouse in just a year or two. It is a very hard, difficult climb. Coach Kill MIGHT make it or he might my opinion so good. The team has made progress. Now the fan base...that may be a different story. Those fans that want to bash and mob...will try to bash and mob...but...I have learned to NEVER et the ba$hers and mobbers get me down... ; 0 )

jaynedrakeNov. 26, 12 1:34 AM

When you look at what has been going on in the University sports department for the last several years, it is just a repeat, repeat, repeat of 40 years of ineptness. And you can also lay the blame on the University President. In addition, Coach Kill, I do not think it is fair of you to stay on as coach if you continue to have health problems. Our football program is not about you, but you are making it more of a focus on you each week.

SeaSharkNov. 26, 12 2:17 AM

NEAL BROWN and KLIFF KINGSBURY top my wish list to succeed Jerry Kill as Gophers head football coach in 2014. Brown, a former 3-time Academic All-America at Kentucky, is Texas Tech's offensive coordinator and is being mentioned for the vacant Kentucky job. Kingsbury, a former Texas Tech All-America quarterback, is Texas A & M's offensive coordinator. Brown and Kingsbury run creative, exciting, efficient, high scoring offenses that are fun for the players and fans. Kingsbury might be firmly committed to a South/Southwest career path, but the U should contact both men if they are still assistant coaches when Kill leaves Minnesota.

alexjackNov. 26, 12 4:49 AM

The easy route would be to throw our hands in the air, blame C Kill, and demand a new coach - which of course is exactly what's happened the last 10+ years. Better (imho) is to commit to improvement by hard work, support, and gradual but steady gains. Please note, that doesn't mean there won't still be some ups and downs - like this last game. The reality is that MSU physically was too much for this Gopher team. The focus has to be there but it won't happen overnight. This is a young team, it needs support, time and good coaching. Kill, I believe, will provide good coaching, us fans need to do our part too.

rms316Nov. 26, 12 5:36 AM

Right now, this team is no better off than it was 2 years ago. Except the coach is a lot more likeable guy.


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